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Personnel change! Yin Tongyue leaves office

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According to Tianyan check information, Chery New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, and its registered capital has increased from 900 million yuan to about 1.03 billion yuan. At the same time, Yin Tongyue, chairman of Chery Automobile, stepped down as the legal representative and chairman of the company, Bao Siyu took over as chairman, and Zhang Hongyu served as the legal representative and general manager. At present, Yin Tongyue is a director of the company.


According to public information, Chery New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in April 2010, is mainly engaged in the automobile manufacturing enterprise. The company is jointly owned by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., Wuhu Construction Investment Co., Ltd., and Wuhu Ruijian Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.


Official figures show that in October 2023, Chery Group sold 200300 vehicles, an increase of 50.8 percent over the same period last year. This is the fourth consecutive month that Chery Group has sold more than 150000 vehicles, and it is also the first time that it has sold more than 200000 vehicles in a single month. From January to October 2023, Chery Group sold 1.4536 million vehicles, an increase of 41.6 percent over the same period last year. However, compared with the leading new energy car companies such as BYD, Chery's layout in the new energy field is relatively slow, and the Chery brand and Xingtu brand have not yet launched new pure electric models.


Chery's new energy models currently on sale include QQ ice cream, Little Ant, Unbounded Pro and Erize e, but sales of several products are mediocre. Retail sales in October 2023, for example, were 7111 for QQ and 2439 for Little Ant, compared with 313 for Arize and 62 for Unbounded Pro. For comparison, the same class of Wuling Hongguang MINI EV10 sells 20337 vehicles a month. It is generally believed in the industry that QQ ice cream and Xiao Ant are currently important models of Chery New Energy vehicles, but the performance of the two models is mediocre at present.

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In April this year, Chery officially announced the transition to energy, and launched the first new energy electric brand iCAR, its Xingtu brand new pure electric series Star era and the third generation hybrid technology Kunpeng super performance electric mixer C-DM.


On Chery Science and Technology Day in 2023, Yin Tongyue, party committee secretary and chairman of Chery holding Group, rarely put down cruel words to attract the attention of the industry. Yin Tongyue said bluntly: "in the new energy sector, Chery is up early in the morning to catch up with the evening collection, and is confident that it will rush to the head next year. It will not be as polite as this year, but it will never rely on losses for sales." In order to speed up the layout of the new energy track, Chery also announced that it will invest 20 billion yuan a year in R & D in the field of electric intelligence, with a R & D investment of no less than 100 billion yuan in the next five years.


On November 9, Chery released the new new energy vehicle series "Fengyun", which will be based on the new platform and adopt the new Logo. It is understood that the series debuted for the first time of the two concept models-Fengyun A9 and Fengyun T11 production version of the model will be listed later. According to the plan, Chery Fengyun series will launch 11 new models in the next two years. In addition to Fengyun A9 and Fengyun T11, the follow-up Chery Fengyun series will also launch models including Fengyun E3, Fengyun E7, Fengyun E8, Fengyun A8, Fengyun T6, Fengyun T7, Fengyun T8, Fengyun T8Max, Fengyun T9 and so on.

In addition, Chery plans to increase its investment in new energy in 2024. Its Chery Fengyun, Xingtuxing era, Jettoshanhai and iCAR brands will launch 24 hybrid products and 15 electric models within two years.

Judging from the timing of Chery Group's product release, the landing time of Chery's new energy products is mostly concentrated in 2024, but in terms of the current highly competitive new energy car market, it is difficult for Chery to occupy the leading position in the domestic new energy field next year.

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