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Tony Leung's endorsement! Avita 12 starts from 300800 RMB.

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Avita 12, the second model of Avita, was officially launched on November 10, with a total of three models with a price range of 30.08-400800 yuan. It is understood that the Avita 12 positioning luxury medium and large pure electric sedan, based on the intelligent electric vehicle network platform (CHN) jointly developed by Changan, Huawei and Ningde, will provide rear-drive and four-wheel drive versions and make its global debut at the 2023 Munich Auto Show.


In terms of appearance, Avita 12 in the continuation of the family design language, the vehicle modeling has a more sense of future science and technology, headlights using split design, and the headlight group is very recognizable, through-type LED light source outlines the front face structure, Avita brand LOGO is further flattened, showing a more scientific and technological sense of digital design direction. The front grille is still a closed design, with polygonal air inlets at the bottom.

On the side of the body, the side of the Avita 12 adopts a relatively round style design, and the rear design uses a hunting version of the styling design, with a round design, which greatly increases the recognition of the whole vehicle. Unlike Avita 11, Avita 12 will provide electronic rearview mirrors for consumers to choose from, further enhancing the sense of technology while reducing wind resistance.

In the rear part of the car, the rear shape of the Avita 12 still has a high degree of recognition, the taillight does not use the through design, in the middle is the further flattened Avita LOGO, and there is an active lifting spoiler on the top. In addition, the Avita 12 uses a "tailless window" design, with a streaming rearview mirror to provide a rear view of the rear of the car, as well as a hatchback rear door, an electric lift tail and a four-door frameless door to fully demonstrate its motion properties. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Avita 12 are 5020, 1999 and 1460 (1450) mm, respectively, and the wheelbase 3020mm.

In terms of interior decoration, Avita 12 uses a new design language. In addition to the conventional large-size suspended central control screen, the rear of the steering wheel also provides an integrated "fish screen" across the main driver and passenger, and there are very few physical buttons in the car. Matched with the electronic rearview mirror outside the car, there is a rearview display screen on each side of the car. Avita 12 is equipped with a small upper and lower flat-bottomed steering wheel with a shifter mechanism, and there are no functional areas such as wireless charging compartments and cup holders.

At the scene, Yu Chengdong focused on the intelligent part, especially intelligent driving. Avita 12 is equipped with three hidden lidars standard in hardware, equipped with Huawei's high-order intelligent driving system ADS 2.0. Yu Chengdong said that the system has an obstacle recognition rate of 99.9%, a perceived area of 2.5 football fields, and can achieve high-level intelligent driving without relying on high-precision maps.

In terms of power, it is known that Avita 12 will provide two versions of rear-drive and four-wheel drive, in which the maximum power of rear-drive 230kW and the maximum power of motor before and after four-wheel drive are 195kW and 230kW respectively. At the same time, the Avita 12 will carry a ternary lithium battery pack provided by Ningde Times, with mileage of 650km and 700km.

At the press conference, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, Zeng Yuqun, chairman of Ningde Times, and Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei Smart car solution BU, attended the event in person. Avita is a high-end pure electric brand jointly built by Changan Automobile, Ningde era and Huawei, in which Changan Automobile is responsible for vehicle design and production, Ningde era is responsible for battery supply, Huawei mainly carries out in-depth cooperation with HI (Huawei Inside) mode, providing full-stack solutions including intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving.


Avita's first model, the Avita 11, went on sale in August 2022 and is located in a medium-and large-scale pure electric SUV with a price range of 34.99-409900 yuan. The biggest selling point of this car is the standard Huawei HI (Huawei Inside) full-stack smart car solution, equipped with Huawei Drive ONE two-in-one electric drive unit and integrated HarmonyOS operating system, Huawei AOS intelligent driving operating system, Huawei VOS intelligent vehicle control operating system. It can be said that the Avita 11 is the highest "flamboyant" model.


In terms of market performance, Avita 11 delivered a total of 17569 vehicles from January to October 2023, ranking 11th in the medium and large SUV market, higher than Xiaopeng G9. However, sales of the Avita 11 have grown month-on-month in recent months, so it is expected to make it into the top 10 of the medium and large SUV for the whole of 2023.

As for the launch of the Avita 12, as a medium and large car, the market competition is more fierce. Just the day before, the Wisdom S7, jointly built by Chery and Huawei, was released with a pre-sale price of 258000 yuan. The car is also equipped with Huawei HarmonyOS 4 smart cockpit and the first parking function.

In the planning of Changan Automobile, Avita is the strategic support of Changan new energy, competing with new head power and luxury brands, but it is not easy to achieve this goal. At the 2023 Changan Automobile Global Partnership Conference, Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, announced that Avita Automobile will launch four products by 2025, with sales of more than 30-400000 vehicles. Of these, the target is 100000 vehicles in 2023, but according to the current market performance, the pressure on Avita is enormous.

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