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Deep Blue car CEO supports Li Xiang! The era of extended range is coming faster than expected.

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Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue car, supported Li Xiang on Weibo a few days ago. Deng Chenghao said that the technology is not good or bad, user recognition is king, and Zengcheng is indeed a solution that can meet the diversified needs of users. at the current growth rate, competitors continue to join, and there is no need for 2025. The era of extended range is coming faster than we thought.


On the evening of November 8, ideal car CEO Li Xiang posted on Weibo, "China's own brands are still adhering to the technical route of multi-grade PHEV (plug-in hybrid vehicles), which will be converted to an added program in the next year or two." This judgment can be tested in 2025. " At the same time, Li wanted to retweet Weibo and said, "I think both the Great Wall system and Geely system will turn to the add-on route." Chairman Li Shufu has always been a proponent of the extended ride, and British taxis are the best practice. Chairman Wei Jianjun will certainly agree with the extended range as long as he sees with his own eyes the actual proportion of pure electricity used by Lanshan battery hybrid users. "


Both Geely and the Great Wall responded to Li Xiang's prediction.

Liu Yanzhao, CEO of Great Wall Wei brand, said that from a technical point of view, the extended range series system is only one of the three major modes of hybrid DHT, and it is obvious that direct drive is more efficient than the conversion efficiency of internal combustion engine power generation and redrive. In terms of the user scenario, our users use the direct drive mode of the engine efficient range for 34.7% of the mileage during travel and driving. The efficiency of the multi-block hybrid scheme has absolute advantages, which is not only a matter of use cost, but also the pursuit of the best efficiency of full scene coverage.


Yang Xueliang, vice president of Geely Holdings, said that the third-gear PHEV scheme, which meets both performance and fuel consumption, is one of the most comprehensive solutions at present, truly covering all user scenarios. Geely will provide the most suitable technical solution according to the needs of different users, and we will unswervingly promote the third gear PHEV.


Some netizens believe that Li Xiang's remarks directly deny the technical route of BYD, Great Wall, Geely, Chery and other automakers, while others believe that the more Li Xiang says so, the more it shows that he does not want Great Wall and Geely to enter this market.

The public statements by Liu Yanzhao and Yang Xueliang on the hybrid route of the add-on program still show that they are not optimistic about this market, even though the ideal car has become a popular brand in the electric car market through the added-program hybrid. In fact, compared with the plug-in hybrid, the structure of the add-on is simpler, the technical realization is less difficult, and the supply chain management is easier. Compared with the pure electric model, the add-on electric vehicle has smaller battery capacity and lower cost. At the same time, it has higher mileage. Because, the add-on hybrid has been publicly diss by a number of auto executives, which is regarded as "backward technology", but the vitality of the add-on hybrid is still far higher than the market imagination.


After the explosion of the ideal car, more and more car companies choose to join the add-program camp, including Lantu, Deep Blue, Zero run, Wonjie, Nezha and other brands have layout add-program hybrid, especially AITO. Its current M5 and M7 are all added-program hybrid models, the difference is that the M5 model provides a pure electric version for consumers to choose from, but far more consumers buy the added-program hybrid version than the pure electric version. The M9, which will go on sale this year, will also be a hybrid model with added programs. Retail data show that in the medium and large SUV market, the M7 sold 12193 vehicles in October, between the L8 and L7, while the latter two models sold 12142 and 15525 respectively.


With the rise of the world, competition with the ideal car is inevitable, and investors' anxiety about the future performance of the ideal car continues. On November 9th, ideal Motors disclosed its financial results for the third quarter of 2023. According to the data, the total revenue of Q3 ideal car was 34.68 billion yuan, an increase of 271% over the same period last year. During the reporting period, the ideal automobile net profit was 2.81 billion yuan, an increase of 270.12% over the same period last year. However, the investment market showed obvious concern about such excellent performance, with ideal auto Hong Kong stocks tumbling 6 per cent.

At present, AITO has become the most direct competitor to ideal car, while Guo Mingyi, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities, revealed in August that Huawei is working with JAC Motor to develop a million-level MPV, which may compete with ideal MEGA. It can be predicted that although the ideal car gives a clear development expectation, with the entry of competitors such as Huawei and Xiaomi, the ideal market share, gross profit margin and other indicators will usher in new challenges.

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