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Tesla burst into flames in the United States!

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According to CCTV Financial report, a Tesla electric car suddenly burst into flames in the northern Texas city of Plano on November 10, local time. Fortunately, the accident caused no casualties.


According to the owner's description, he had just replaced the battery of his car the day before, and then heard the battery make a strange noise from time to time. In the early morning of the 10th, when the owner checked the vehicle again, he found that the battery caught fire and the whole car was destroyed.

In response to the accident, the local fire department said that the cause of the spontaneous combustion of the Tesla is still under investigation.

Subsequently, the matter sparked a heated discussion among netizens on the Internet. In fact, the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles is not the first time, so the safety of electric vehicles has attracted much attention.

It is understood that the main causes of spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles include "electric out of control" and "thermal out of control". For example, when the vehicle is subjected to a fierce collision, the battery pack is squeezed, resulting in structural damage, resulting in fire and combustion. In addition to serious collisions, as the power battery pack of the new energy vehicle is installed on the chassis, it will also catch fire once it collides with a hard object on the road. There are many reasons for thermal runaway, but most of them are caused by internal defects of the battery or external accidents.

As of press time, it is not clear the specific reasons for Tesla's spontaneous combustion.

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