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Compensation of 300000 RMB! NIO succeeds in suing Douyin Big V

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On Nov. 14, the legal Department of NIO said in a post on its official Weibo that the final verdict of the case of "vehicle discipline" infringing on the reputation right of NIO came out and the case was won. After receiving the court's final judgment, the court found that the video content involved in the infringer's Shanghai ladder case was untrue and misled ordinary netizens who did not have clear information about the price of electric vehicles, there was an obvious fault, officials said.

The court found that the facts of the judgment of first instance were clear and the original judgment was upheld. Verdict: the infringer Shanghai ladder Information Technology Co., Ltd. should apologize to NIO and publish an apology on its Douyin account "Automobile Shiji" for 30 consecutive days within 10 days from the effective date of the judgment. At the same time, Xiang Wei compensated for the economic loss of 300000 yuan.


Review of related events: in May this year, the legal Department of NIO issued an article saying that there were many organized and large-scale malicious attacks on NIO and NIO users, as well as a large number of negative comments on the navy with the same content and similar themes, which seriously misled the public, greatly damaged the legitimate rights and interests of NIO and users, and said that it would openly solicit infringing clues.

It is worth noting that this time, the Ministry of Justice also highlighted the online account "Automobile Shiji," saying that it had deliberately made false remarks in its video for a long time by comparing the price of foreign models without batteries with the price of the whole car with batteries. Mislead the public, and use to incite national sentiment, slander NIO, step on a handful of ways to conduct malicious hype. NIO said it had filed a lawsuit demanding an apology and compensation of 2 million yuan.


According to the early Douyin account of Automobile Ji, it posted a post entitled "BYD and NIO, who is cutting leeks?" In the video, Che Shiji said: "NIO ES8 sells for 47-630000 in China. How much is it when exported to Norway?" Equivalent to RMB 41-460000. " NIO subsequently filed a lawsuit against the "Automobile discipline" account over the video. Currently, the content of this video may have been deleted and cannot be viewed.


According to the official lawyer's letter released by Xilai earlier, the main reason for the misleading video released by Xilai is that the models sold in China and Norway are divided into two modes: "whole car purchase" and "battery rental service". At present, when consumers choose the Bass (battery rental service) model, the lowest configuration price of the ES8 model in China is 408000 yuan; the highest configuration price is 506000 yuan; excluding 13% VAT, the domestic price is about the same as that of Norway.

In addition, NIO also pointed out that the car century is releasing "BYD and NIO, who is cutting leeks?" During the video, two other videos were released, deliberately creating antagonism between NIO and other car companies, stepping on one another, and misleading the public mind.


At that time, in response to NIO's lawsuit, Cha Shiji responded that he did not think there was any rumor-mongering and had been actively responding to the lawsuit. On July 28, the Ministry of Justice of NIO announced that it had received the court's ruling of first instance, ruling that a statement of apology was issued to NIO from the top of the media account "Automobile Shiji" for 30 days in a row, compensating NIO for economic losses of 300000 yuan. The Ministry of Justice also pointed out in the article that the video released by Che Shiji exaggerated the price gap between China and Norway, misled netizens, forwarded, evaluated and liked related videos and topics for a total of more than one million times, and refused to release clarification videos after many rounds of communication.

The final judgment also means that the case of "car discipline" infringing on the reputation right of Lulai has finally been settled. Data show that "Automobile Ji" said Douyin Big V, the personal certification on Douyin platform is a senior creator in the automotive field. As of press time, the Douyin platform had 6.57 million followers and 100 million likes. At present, Douyin platform in the car century has not yet seen its release of apology video, the follow-up situation, we will continue to pay attention.

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