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Cancel the fuel truck! The ninth generation Camry released

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On November 15, the official website of Toyota North America officially launched the new ninth generation Camry official website. As a replacement model, the new Camry is still based on the TNGA-K platform, the overall feeling is more like a modified model, its appearance uses a new design style, the interior is also fine-tuned, the biggest change is the power system, all equipped with 2.5L hybrid system, the pure fuel version is no longer available in the North American market.

As the core product for Toyota to compete in the global medium-sized car market, the ninth generation Camry still continues the dual design of the eighth generation model, and the flat styling also makes the visual center of gravity of the front face lower. Specifically, the differences between the two versions are mainly concentrated in the front grille of the "big mouth", one for the honeycomb grid to highlight the sense of movement, and the other for the banner trim design, which looks more exquisite. The new headlight group is longer and narrower than the eighth-generation Camry, and the "C"-shaped LED light belt also brings it a good sense of science and technology.

On the side of the body, the ninth-generation Camry is not much different from the eighth-generation model. The front-low and back-high waistline design creates a visual effect of forward diving, and the concave shape under the door panel can also bring a good sense of strength. In terms of the rear, the overall outline of the ninth generation Camry is still relatively compact, and the ducktail design extended from the roof line also brings a good sense of movement, and the taillight group uses a similar C-shaped light source layout, which is also a more common design technique in the current market.

Into the car, the ninth generation Camry uses a new interior layout, the overall design is more concise, reducing the number of physical buttons, equipped with embedded dashboards and large-size suspended central control screen, standard 7.0inch LCD instrument and 8.0inch central control large screen, the XLE/XSE version of the central control screen size will be increased to 12.3inch, built-in wireless CarPlay and Android Auto interconnection. Touch-type operation buttons are also designed at the bottom of the central control screen, and the car-machine system has a certain improvement and richer functions than the eighth-generation Camry, while the future domestic version of the ninth-generation Camry is expected to adopt a car-machine system that is more adapted to the habits of consumers in the Chinese market.

In the power part, the ninth generation Camry will cancel the pure fuel version in the North American market, install 2.5L gas-electric hybrid system, and offer two-wheel drive / four-wheel drive models respectively, of which the maximum power of the two-wheel drive version is 168 kilowatts. The maximum power of the four-wheel drive model is 173 kilowatts.

The Camry, a classic Toyota model, was born in 1982 and has been updated eight times. In 1982, Toyota launched the front-drive model, the Camry, to replace the sixth-generation Toyota Corona and marked the official independence of the Camry line. Since then, the Camry has basically maintained the pace of every five years, and has been updated to the ninth generation of models by 2023.

In the domestic market, Guangzhou Auto Toyota will debut the ninth generation Camry at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17, and from the previous official notice chart, the ninth generation domestic Camry will continue the design style of overseas models. in view of the current performance of the domestic market, it is expected that the ninth generation Camry will still provide pure fuel version models for consumers to choose from, or continue to carry 2.0L naturally aspirated engines. But given that it is possible to expand the proportion of new energy power, that is, to reduce the number of pure fuel versions.


Although the eighth generation Camry's "life" is coming to an end, it still has an outstanding performance in the domestic market. According to retail data, the Camry was the top seller of medium-sized cars with sales of 183000 vehicles in the first 10 months of 2023, followed by Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen Maiteng, with sales of 147500 and 143100 respectively, compared with 136900 for Honda Accord. As for the ninth generation of Camry domestic, can it continue to continue the best-selling market performance, or as a new Accord as a short-term market crisis? We will wait and see.

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