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Tesla Model Y! Guangqi E'an Hao Platinum HT is listed

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On November 15, Haopin HT was launched, and the new car positioning medium and large SUV launched a total of 6 models with a price range of 21.39-329900 yuan. It is understood that the new car is based on pure electric exclusive platform AEP3.0 and the new Xingling electronic and electrical architecture, some models are also equipped with gull wing doors, CLTC pure electric mileage of up to 770km. It is worth noting that Haopin HT has started pre-sale on October 19th, with the pre-price starting at 220000 yuan. According to the official announcement, the order for Haopin HT has exceeded 20000 units within a month of pre-sale.


In terms of appearance, the new car uses a family-style design language, and the overall shape is injected with the visual beauty of the "water" element. The exterior design style is too round, and the front face uses a closed grille to highlight the identity of its pure electric model. With fangs-like split headlamps on both sides, the recognition of the vehicle is very high. The iconic nose design is combined with a double-layer smoked headlamp group and a trapezoidal grille to make the front face of the vehicle look more dynamic and three-dimensional. There is no doubt that the biggest highlight of the car is that part of the Haopin HT is also equipped with a two-segment gull wing door, which attracts the eye, which is very cool and sporty after opening. In the rear, the new car is equipped with the popular through taillight group and is equipped with a ducktail shape. In terms of color matching, in addition to black and white, Haopin HT also provides Dunhuang sand color matching.



On the side, the car body uses a dynamic slip-back design, the whole vehicle line shape is smooth, with short tail wings, highlighting the temperament of medium and large SUV. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4935 × 1920 × 1700mm and the wheelbase is 2935mm. In terms of rims, the new car is available in three styles, including 20 inches and 19 inches for users to choose from, and the tire size is 245amp 50 R20. The front door uses an electric door, a four-door electric suction, and a hidden door handle, which enhances the vehicle's sense of science and technology.


In terms of interior decoration, the new car uses a simple T-word suspension design style, and the center console is equipped with an 8.8-inch full LCD dashboard and a 14.6-inch central control screen. The steering wheel adopts the pulley design style, the car uses a large area of leather material, solid wood panels, soft plastic, chrome plating and other materials, the visual area is all made of soft package materials, and the pedals are wrapped in leather, showing the sense of grade of the vehicle.

In terms of configuration, the new car is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, built-in ADiGO system Haopin HT, with Amap, Rubik's Cube World, iqiyi, app store and other mainstream car networking functions. Some models are equipped with electric sunshade, backrest table, Premium HIFI loudspeaker, double layer glue glass, front 10 o'clock massage seat / seat heating / seat ventilation, second row seat heating and copilot electric leg support and other functions. According to official data, the back of the second row of the Hobal HT seat supports a maximum elevation adjustment of 143o, and a 20-inch registered suitcase can be placed in the front compartment.


In terms of driving assistance, the new car adopts BEV+Transform structure, which is equipped with 3 intelligent variable focus lidars, 12 cameras, 6 millimeter wave radars, infrared night vision cameras and 12 ultrasonic radar cameras, as well as high-level intelligent driving assistance capabilities enhanced by Huawei's high-computing AI chip. Some models are also equipped with L2Qing + level full-scene intelligent driving assistance, supporting high-speed plus city NDA intelligent navigation-assisted driving. In terms of power, consistent with Haopin GT, the whole system adopts the layout of rear drive single motor, which provides two versions of high and low power: the maximum power of low power motor is 180kW and the peak torque is 355Nm; the maximum power of high power motor is 250kW and the peak torque is 430Nm. In terms of battery life, Haopin HT has three versions of CLTC pure electric mileage of 600km, 670km and 770km. In terms of competitive products, the new car will compete with Tesla Model Y, Zhiji LS6, Xiaopeng G6 and other models after its launch.


Relevant information shows: Hyper Haopin brand is a new high-end brand under GAC Ean, which was officially announced and launched in September last year by the brand-new LOGO. Officials have said that the Hyper Haopin brand model will carry the new "AI Arrow" LOGO and apply aerospace science and technology, and will launch a range of products in the future, including supercars, sedan cars, SUV, MPV and new species. Haopin HT is the third new car listed after Haopin GT and Haopin SSR. It is also a model dedicated to building volume, and it wants to compete with Tesla Model Y. With the launch of Haopin HT, the Haopin brand forms a product matrix for cars, SUV and supercars.


As the middle and high-end brand of Hyper, GAC GROUP is responsible for the brand within GAC. Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC GROUP, has said that it is necessary to turn the pattern of "Wei Xiaoli" into "Ai Xiaowei", and said that Ean will be one of the top three "high-end smart electric vehicle brands" in the world. However, the medium and large SUV market is also gradually becoming the Red Sea market for new energy vehicles. As a reference, the latest sales of Model Y in October were 26353, and the cumulative sales in 2023 were 346462. Xiaopeng G6 sold 8741 vehicles in October and 28122 in 2023. Haopin HT will also face fierce competition if it wants to stand out in the medium and large SUV market.

According to the official plan, the annual sales target of GAC Ean this year is to guarantee 500000 vehicles and compete for 600000 vehicles. If calculated on the basis of 500000 vehicles, GAC Ean's cumulative sales reached 392000 vehicles in the first 10 months of this year, and the target completion rate has reached 78.4%. With the listing of Haopin HT, there will be no problem with the completion of the subsequent annual sales target. For the arrival of Haopin HT, GAC Ean executives once said: "the birth of Haopin HT has set a new benchmark for the value of medium and large luxury pure electric SUV, and we are full of confidence in its future market performance."

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