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From 450000 RMB! A new generation of Mercedes-Benz E-Class pre-sale

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At the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, a new generation of Mercedes-Benz E-class long wheelbase version (V214) was unveiled and opened for pre-sale, with a pre-price range of 45-540000 yuan. Among them, the pre-price of E260L sedan and E260L sports car starts at 450000 yuan, and the pre-price of E300L luxury sedan and E300L luxury sports car is 540000 yuan.


In terms of appearance, the "double front face" design of the new car is similar to that of the Mercedes-EQ family, but retains the design of the chrome-plated mesh edge and star emblem grille, while the headlamp group uses Mercedes-Benz's classic "peanut lamp" shape. In terms of subdivision, the new long wheelbase E-class sedan uses the classic vertical mark with geometric shield grille, which is biased towards business as a whole, while the brand new long wheelbase E-class sports car uses dynamic shield with "Night Star" grille, plus brand-new AMG sports components, which is biased towards motion as a whole.

On the side of the body, the new car looks longer than the previous generation, especially behind the B-pillar, the back door is larger and retains triangular windows, making it more elegant and elegant. In the rear part, the new long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz E-class has not changed much, and the taillight group adopts horizontal layout, which changes greatly compared with the cash model. In addition, the trigeminal star emblem elements are integrated into it, and the overall style is similar to that of the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In terms of exhaust, the new long wheelbase E class is equipped with two-sided exhaust layout.



In terms of size, the new long wheelbase E-class length, width and height is 5092/1880/1493mm, and the wheelbase is 3094mm, which is 15mm higher than that of the previous generation model. As a reference, the length, width and height of the new Mercedes-Benz E-class standard wheelbase version are 4949/1880/1468mm, with a wheelbase of 2961mm, while the current Mercedes-Benz E-class long-axle version is 5078/18601480mm and 3079mm. By comparison, the new long wheelbase E-class wheelbase increases 133mm compared with the standard wheelbase.


In the interior part, the new long wheelbase E-class interior is similar to Mercedes-Benz EQS, equipped with a three-screen central console layout called "MBUX Super screen" (MBUX Superscreen) by Mercedes-Benz. The MBUX super screen consists of a 14.4in central control screen and a 12.3in passenger screen, in which the console surface is composed of an overall touch panel.


In the power part, the domestic long-axle version is expected to carry the M254 2.0T engine, the maximum power of the E 260 L model is 204 horsepower, and the maximum power of the E 300 L model is 258 horsepower, but as of press time, Mercedes-Benz has not yet released the specific power information of the new car. For reference, Mercedes-Benz GLC L, also equipped with a "254920" 2.0L turbocharged engine and 48V light hybrid system, has a maximum power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 320Nm in the standard version and 190kW and 400Nm in the high-power version.

In the luxury car market, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, Audi A6L and BMW 5-Series are all "volume" models in the luxury sedan field, so in terms of competition, Mercedes-Benz E-Class mainly competes with BMW 5-Series (43.65-562500 yuan) and Audi A6L (42.79-656800 yuan). It is worth mentioning that the new generation of BMW 5-Series also made its debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show. As a new replacement product, the new generation 5-Series has been upgraded in terms of appearance design, interior layout and configuration. Domestic long-axle models are expected to be released this year.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class sales totaled 134341 vehicles from January to October 2023, 107669 for the BMW 5-Series and 142148 for the Audi A6L, according to retail data from the Federation.

With the launch of the new car, the competition in the field of BBA luxury medium and large cars will become more and more fierce. Of course, the competition in the auto market is becoming increasingly fierce, in the same price range, Mercedes-Benz E-Class competitors are only Audi and BMW, more and more new forces and newcomers are snatching the cake that belongs to BBA. As for whether the sales of Mercedes-Benz E-Class can be ahead of Audi A6L and BMW 5-Series? Auto Industry concern believes that whether it is Audi, BMW or Mercedes-Benz, it will ultimately affect consumers or prices, which also means that the E-Class after the replacement must have a price advantage if it wants to achieve better sales results.

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