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It is exposed that Huawei and BAIC will launch new HI models!

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According to media reports, BAIC insiders revealed that based on the previous cooperation model, BAIC and Huawei will launch a new HI model in 2024, which will be based on the existing Alpha S advance version and will be equipped with Huawei's latest intelligent driving system and intelligent cockpit system.

The insider said that the existing HI version of Jihu will be introduced into Huawei ADAS 2.0's latest intelligent driving system by the end of the year. In addition, BAIC is the first company in the industry to adopt both Huawei HI model and smart car model, the two internal models will not conflict.

In August this year, BAIC Langu announced that in order to further deepen cooperation, BAIC New Energy, on the basis of its existing strategic cooperation with Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., will carry out smart cooperation with Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. the first model is positioned as a high-end intelligent pure electric car, which will be launched in 2024.

As we all know, Huawei cooperates with car companies in three business models: Tier1 (traditional parts supplier model, which supplies intelligent parts for car companies), HI model (Huawei Inside model) and smart selection model, among which the smart car selection business has been renamed Hongmeng Zhihang.

BAIC is the earliest automobile company to cooperate with Huawei, which belongs to the HI mode. In 2017, BAIC signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei and put forward a common vision of "two striver partners, a world-class car". Subsequently, a project team named "HBT" was set up, and many engineers of Huawei project team were stationed at BAIC New Energy Blue Valley headquarters. Since then, the two sides have signed cooperation agreements on deepening and upgrading twice in a row.

In 2021, the new HI version of the polar fox alpha S jointly created by BAIC and Huawei was released at the Shanghai auto show and delivered the following year. As a cooperative model of HI, it is the world's first production car with Hi's full-stack smart car solution and the world's first high-end pure-electricity car with Huawei's smart cockpit-Hongmeng OS.

In April, Yu Chengdong, managing director of Huawei and BU CEO of smart car solution, said that Huawei's partnership with BAIC Jihu upgraded the HI model to a smart car model, which the industry attributed to poor sales of HI models. At the China Electric vehicle 100 Forum, Yu Chengdong also admitted that the development of the HI model business had been blocked, and said: "before, there were three manufacturers (BAIC Polar Fox, GAC Ean, Changan Avita) to cooperate with us on the HI model, but now only Avita in Changan is left."

In May, BAIC New Energy renamed the new HI version of Polar Fox Alpha S to "advance version of Polar Fox Alpha S" and lowered its price by 100000 yuan to 329800 yuan. However, although the price discount of 100000 yuan, the car market sales are not eye-catching, data show that from January to October this year, Jihu delivered a total of 18163 vehicles.

However, judging from the information disclosed by BAIC insiders, the cooperation between BAIC Polar Fox and Huawei has not been terminated. If the above news is true, the further deepening of cooperation between Huawei and BAIC may add more possibilities to the future development of both sides.

Yesterday, at the press conference of Zhijie S7 and Huawei, Yu Chengdong said that BAIC and Jianghuai two "boundary" products are already in the process of development. With Huawei's cooperation with more car companies, Huawei's position among car companies has changed significantly.

At the press conference, Yu Chengdong publicly confirmed for the first time that Huawei BU will move towards independent operation. At present, Huawei has issued an open invitation to Cyrus, Chery, Jianghuai and BAIC, and hopes that China FAW Group will join. Yu Chengdong said: "China's powerful car factories, such as FAW, are welcome to participate in the co-construction and jointly create the products of the leading and ultimate smart car solutions." In this regard, people familiar with the matter revealed that Huawei hopes to create an electric, intelligent and open platform with the participation of the automobile industry.

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