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Another one! Xingji Meizu official declares "building cars"

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On November 30th, at the 2023 Meizu autumn unbounded ecology conference, Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Meizu Group, announced that in order to share the core competencies of Flyme Auto with more ecological partners, Xinji Meizu launched the "Unbounded Zhixing" open platform to share Flyme Auto core competencies with other cars and machines. Car companies can choose flexibly according to their own needs and access modular capabilities, which are designed to help car companies with the lowest cost and the highest efficiency. Quickly enhance the smart cockpit experience.

According to reports, the "boundless Zhixing" open platform created by Xingji Meizu is quite similar to Huawei's Hongmeng Zhixing. In addition to the fact that there is no need for cooperative car companies to unify their automobile brands, Unlimited Zhixing can also provide automotive companies with Flyme Auto, as well as operating system applications, framework services, ecological applications, and even channel capabilities. Officials say Polestar OS has taken the lead in accessing the open platform of WBJ, which claims to have more experience than BBA, in order to become a "road builder" in the era of smart cars.

In addition, Shen Ziyu also announced plans for Meizu customized cars. Meizu brand will officially enter the auto market, the first Meizu car MEIZU DreamCar MX will launch the DreamCar co-creation program in the first quarter of 2024, official pictures show that the front of the car has the "M" logo on behalf of Meizu, will be deeply customized by global users, users can co-create a large number of personalized details such as vehicle clothing painting, interior color matching, Flyme Auto theme and so on. At that time, all users who buy Meizu 21 will be able to deduct the purchase price directly with the original price, and the car may become the first mass-produced car in the world that users deeply participate in.

Meizu Technology (MEIZU) was founded in 2003, is a well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturer, founder Huang Zhang. Xinji Meizu, founded in March this year, is a blend of Starry Age and Meizu Technology, founded by Li Shufu. In September 2021, Li Shufu built a mobile phone project, which led to the birth of the Star era of the mobile phone company. In July 2022, Meizu Technology was acquired by Li Shufu's company, Starry Times, which gained separate control over Meizu Technology. On March 8, 2023, after the fusion of Star Age and Meizu Technology, the Star Meizu Group was officially founded, followed by the launch of a new generation of flagship mobile phone Meizu 20 series, unbounded ecosystem Flyme 10 and the first generation of Flyme Auto car-carrying human-computer interaction software. Li Shufu said at the time that the smart car and smartphone industries will no longer go their own ways in the future.

In fact, it is no surprise that Xinji Meizu has joined the ranks of car builders. As early as 2022, some people in the industry speculated whether Meizu would build a car. In October of the same year, Meizu published a number of car-related positions on the recruitment website, reserved parking space for display cars in the design proposal for the new Meizu flagship store, and replaced the Meizu Technology building with a poster with the words "all in auto (all-out bet on cars)". However, in response to this news, Meizu Technology PR did not directly respond to whether to build a car, but responded to the media: "the company is indeed storing relevant talents in the automotive field."

Until June this year, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Group, announced at the headquarters of Jixing Automobile in Shanghai that its high-end electric car brand Jixing had officially signed a contract with Star Meizu Group (hereinafter referred to as "Star Meizu") to form a joint venture. The joint venture is jointly owned by Star Motor and Star Meizu, with a shareholding ratio of 49% and 51%, respectively, but the two sides did not disclose the amount of investment. The company will be the only authorized sales and service entity in China, and the company plans to transfer about 130 business people originally based in China to the joint venture.

At this press conference, Shen Ziyu also announced the relevant achievements of Flyme Auto and the follow-up layout. It is understood that the first Lecker 08 equipped with Flyme Auto is about to usher in the market performance of monthly bicycle sales of more than 10,000 vehicles in November. In addition, Meizu has also released the Flyme link mobile domain, which will be first launched on Geely Galaxy E8. Meizu mobile phone users can control the car through Flyme Link, including three-finger task transfer, address transfer and other functions. After Geely Galaxy E8, the Flyme Link mobile domain will also enable the enabling LINK OS N system to be loaded into the Lok 06 EM-P and Lok 09 EM-P models, which will also be sold in 40 Meizu stores. In 2024, the Flyme Auto 2.0 system will be upgraded and released.

Judging from the information of this press conference, the "car-building" model of Xinji Meizu is regarded by the industry as similar to the "Huawei model", that is, it is not responsible for car manufacturing, but is involved in the whole process of model design and sales. Of course, this time Meizu named Flyme OS "boundless" and launched Unbounded Zhixing, which to some extent reflects Meizu's ambition in the automobile industry.

Although it is not surprising for mobile phone manufacturers to cross-border cars, it should be noted that Meizu has no experience in the automotive field as a mobile phone brand, and it is not easy for Meizu to gain a certain position in the highly competitive auto industry. According to the plan, the first model of Xiaomi car will also be offline and mass production in 2024.

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