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Chen Siying returned to the "Geely system", Meizu officials announced that the car was built.

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According to media reports, Chen Siying, former Wei brand CEO and general manager of tank brand marketing, has joined the Star Meizu Group as senior vice president and president of the automotive division, responsible for the operation and management of the automotive product line.

In response to this news, Chen Siying posted a tweet related to the Star Meizu Group on Weibo, which confirmed the authenticity of the relevant reports and confirmed that she had joined the Star Meizu Group.

Chen Siying, a marketing veteran in the traditional automobile industry, joined the Nanjing Yafite Commerce Department as the brand promotion minister in 2001, and later held important positions in Nanjing Mingjue Automobile sales Company, Shanghai Automobile passenger car sales Company, Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd., Shanghai ES Company and Beijing Automobile sales Co., Ltd. In May 2016, Chen Siying was appointed Vice President and General Manager of Guanzhi Automobile sales Company. In April 2019, Chen Siying joined Geely as Deputy General Manager of Lecker Automobile sales Company, in charge of market public relations. In January 2023, Chen Siying joined Great Wall Motor as Wei Brand CEO and General Manager of Tank Brand Marketing, but announced her departure for personal reasons after less than half a year in office. Now she has joined Star Meizu Group and returned to Geely Department.

On November 30th, Meizu Technology held a grand press conference, which not only announced some new products, including Meizu 21 mobile phone, MYVU AR smart glasses, FlymeOS, the new "hand car integration" solution, Flyme Link, etc., but also announced the big news of car construction.

At the site of the press conference, Xinji Meizu released an open platform called "Unbounded Zhixing". According to the official statement, "Unbounded Intelligence" can provide Flyme Auto intelligent cockpit operating system for car companies, and car companies can access modular capabilities according to their own needs to help car companies quickly enhance the smart cockpit experience with the lowest cost and the highest efficiency. This model is similar to Huawei's smart car selection model. When asked to compete with Huawei, Shen Ziyu and Shen Ziyu, chairman and CEO of Starry Meizu, said, "Huawei does have an advantage in intelligence, but Starry Meizu is also no shortage."Starry Meizu has a better understanding of cars than Huawei. Cars are in the company's genes, and Li Shufu, chairman of Geely holding Group, has 30 years of automotive experience."

After long-term layout and development, Huawei has found its own "car-building road", that is, "do not build cars for car companies." There are three modes of cooperation between Huawei and automobile companies: spare parts supply mode, HI model (solution model) and smart car mode, in which the cooperation of smart car mode is more in-depth. Huawei is not only deeply involved in product development and design, but more importantly, it can also sell through Huawei channels. In addition, Jianghuai and BAIC will also join Huawei's smart car selection in the near future to build other "world" brands.

If Starry Meizu wants to emulate the Huawei model, there may be some gaps in the underlying technology and channel capabilities, and Meizu may also have a deep technology accumulation, but the aura of Huawei brand is undoubtedly easier to pay attention to.

In addition to the release of many new products, Star Meizu also announced high-profile entry into the bureau to build cars. According to the plan, Star Meizu will combine a series of manufacturing capabilities of Geely Automobile Group to create the first model MEIZU DreamCar MX for Mei you, which can jointly create and define a large number of personalized details such as painting, interior decoration, car theme and so on. Officials say the program will start in the first quarter of 2024.

However, the market does not seem to expect much from Meizu, even if it relies on Geely, which requires long-term capital and effort. The industry believes that Starry Meizu's launch of customized cars is a test of the market, and if the plan is feasible, or get good feedback in the market, then the subsequent launch of mainstream automobile products can not be ruled out. At the same time, it can also make other car companies pay attention to the underlying structure of Meizu, but all this is full of unknown.

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