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After four years of release, Tesla Cybertruck has finally been delivered!

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After waiting for four years, Tesla Cybertruck finally delivered!

Tesla officially delivered the Cybertruck to the first batch of car owners in the United States on December 1, announcing the prices of three models: $60990 for rear-wheel drive, $79990 for four-wheel drive and $99990 for Beast. Among them, the four-wheel drive version and the beast version will be available in 2024, and the rear-wheel drive version will be available in 2025.

Cybertruck, Tesla's first electric pickup, was launched at its headquarters in Los Angeles on November 22, 2019. the emergence of this electric pickup has subverted the market's perception of pickup models, because pickup models place more emphasis on functionality than cars and SUV, thus losing the innovative ability of pickup models in appearance and technology. However, the emergence of Cybertruck still shocked the market, because the Cybertruck is obviously more like a monster and more like a work of art than the pick-up trucks sold in the United States.

From the outside, Cybertruck is different from the S3XY series currently sold by Tesla, which has a stainless steel exoskeleton body without any painting, and looks like a large metal trapezoid car with wheels. In terms of interior decoration, the Cybertruck is designed in a minimalist style, with an 18.5inch central control screen in the front row, a brand-new steering wheel and no shift lever in the car, so it also needs to change gears through the central control screen.

In terms of power, Cybertruck offers three power options: single-motor rear drive, dual-motor all-wheel drive and three-motor four-wheel drive, of which the three-motor model neutralizes the output power of 845hp and provides a unique "beast mode" with acceleration time of 0.100km / h in 2.7s, mileage of about 515km, and extra extended battery pack, which can be extended to 705km.

At the scene of the press conference, Cybertruck accidentally overturned. In order to demonstrate the bulletproof ability of Cybertruck glass, the engineer swung a sledgehammer at the car body without any dent. Then, in order to prove that the "armored glass" would not break, he threw a metal ball at one of the windows. As a result, the glass cracked, and there was an uproar at the scene.

Although Tesla overturned the car when launching the Cybertruck, it did not affect users' expectations for the pickup truck. According to foreign media Electrek, Cybertruck has received more than 1.2 million orders in the two years since its release, with a total value of more than 80 billion US dollars.

Cybertruck is finally delivered, but how to deliver nearly 2 million of orders is still a big problem. Tesla official said that the annual production of the Cybertruck is expected to reach 250000 vehicles by 2025, but the subsequent increase in production will be very difficult, such information also seems to be deliberately lowering market expectations for the new car. Even if the annual production capacity of 250000 vehicles is estimated, the scheduled vehicle will be enough for Tesla to produce for eight years, can users afford to wait?

Why is it difficult for Cybertruck to deliver on a large scale? Cybertruck uses self-developed 30X cold-rolled stainless steel body, the hardness is harder than ordinary aluminum alloy, this material is too hard, Tesla chose to use wedge design to complete the vehicle model design, so mass production is much more difficult than other models. In addition, the quality rate of Tesla's self-produced 4680 batteries is only about 80 per cent, and Tesla is also looking for external suppliers, but the global production capacity of this new technology is still quite poor. Therefore, for Tesla, although Cybertruck has been mass-produced and delivered, it faces a lot of problems.

After Tesla's US official website updated the Cybertruck listing and new car information, Tesla's Chinese official website also launched the configuration pages of Cybertruck Beast version, four-wheel-drive version and rear-drive version at the same time, but did not provide information such as booking channel and price. Of course, at present, even if Cybertruck is listed in China, if it is imported and sold, then its price will be very expensive, while if it is made in China, the lowest price is expected to be more than 400000 yuan.

Looking back at the Chinese market, under the strong advocacy of the State Council, all parts of the country have set off an upsurge of lifting the ban on pickups, and the pickup market has ushered in a new opportunity for development. In the pickup market, the State Council has twice proposed "implementing fine management of pickup vehicles entering the city and studying further relaxing restrictions on the entry of pick-up trucks" to clarify the general direction of lifting the ban on pick-up trucks, and urge relevant departments and local governments to ensure that various measures are implemented in a timely manner. In the traditional cognition, pickups are mainly used for carrying and pulling goods, and the products also tend to be "tool cars". However, with the popularity of outdoor travel, a new situation may be opened. more and more family users, cross-country, travel and sports enthusiasts and other emerging groups choose pickup as the "first choice".

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