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Fisker announces capacity reduction!

2024-07-18 Update From: AutoBeta Liu NAV: AutoBeta > News >


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Fisker, the US electric carmaker, announced a cut in production and lowered its full-year production target to just over 10000, compared with a previous forecast of 13000 to 17000.


Fisker said the adjustment would release more than $300m in working capital from the capacity cuts, with cash flow shortages or the main reason for the capacity cuts. The third-quarter report showed that Fisker posted a net loss of $91 million on operating income of $71.8 million in the third quarter, both of which were lower than market expectations, leading to a sharp fall in its share price after the results were released, with a total market capitalization of $606 million.


"China is an extremely important market for us," said Henrik Fisker, founder and CEO of the Fisker brand. Earlier, Fisker opened an office in China and released more details about its plans in China earlier this year, including the opening of a delivery center in 2023. However, at present, Fisker is facing serious financial difficulties, and it is also unknown whether this will affect the time for Fisker to enter the Chinese market, but it can be clear that in the increasingly fierce competition in the electric vehicle market, Fisker must constantly innovate and improve its products to maintain competitiveness.

On Nov. 23, Fisker released the pear production version (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). The new positioning all-electric compact SUV, offers single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive models, starting at $29900, or about 210000 yuan, in the United States. According to the plan, Fisker PEAR will officially go into production in July 2025. It should be noted that the Fisker PEAR will be manufactured by Foxconn.


In terms of appearance, the Fisker PEAR uses Fisker's family design, which is basically the same as the previously released concept car, with a closed grille on the front face, the logo and PEAR letters can be lit, and a large area of black honeycomb mesh decoration under the front, with complex blackened rims and roof labyrinth patterns, looks very science fiction.

On the side of the body, the roof of the car tilts slightly down behind the B-pillar, and the D-column also adopts a very radical design to reduce the wind resistance. The rear design is unique, and the trunk adopts the design of sliding down and opening. When the vehicle is parked on the narrow city street, it is more convenient to open the spare box to pick up the goods. In terms of space, as a compact all-electric SUV, the car offers six seats in addition to the regular five-seat version, but instead of three seats, the six-seat version has a row seat in the first row, which can seat three people side by side.


In terms of interior, the overall design of the car is very simple, with bright blue decorations on the center console and steering wheel and a screen, while some physical buttons are retained on the left side of the steering wheel. It is understood that the car has a digital transparent A-pillar function, the camera can capture the blind area obscured by the A-pillar when the vehicle turns, and transmit the real-time image to the car display screen.

In terms of power, the car uses pure electric drive, with single-motor rear drive and dual-motor all-wheel drive optional, but the specific power parameters have not been announced. The car has two battery packs to choose from, with mileage of 290km and 515km respectively.

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