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SAIC Volkswagen reduced the price of many models!

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On December 4, SAIC-Volkswagen officially announced the latest preferential policies for car purchases. According to the news, from now on to December 31, 2023, the purchase of Tuang, Lang Yi, Tuyue, Passat, Tuguan L and other models can enjoy comprehensive preferential policies, with a maximum comprehensive discount of 58000 yuan. Among them, the highest comprehensive discount is 58000 yuan for the purchase of Tuang, 30000 yuan for the purchase of 2024 Longyi, 38000 yuan for the purchase of Tuyue, 40000 yuan for the purchase of Passat, and 169900 yuan for the purchase of Tuguan L.

On December 1st, FAW-Volkswagen officially announced discount activities for limited-time car purchases in December, including Bora, Suiteng, Maiteng, Sawyer, and so on. Users can order specified models before December 17 to participate in the lottery, up to a maximum of 2912 yuan in red envelopes, and car buyers before December 31 can enjoy free commercial insurance, purchase tax subsidies, basic maintenance and other policies.

Towards the end of the year, more and more car companies begin to reduce prices to seize the market, and hope to achieve the annual sales target as much as possible. According to the preliminary calculation of the Tramway report, as of December 5, more than 10 auto brands, including BYD (including Ocean net / Dynasty), Changan Automobile (including Qiyuan / Deep Blue / Auchan), Zero running Motor, Jiyue Motor, Geely Automobile, Nahan Automobile, Zhiji Automobile, Shenlong Automobile, FAW Toyota, etc., have launched "price reduction and promotion" policies, including official reduction, time-limited promotion, time-limited subsidy and other forms of "price reduction". The models involved are mainly new energy vehicles.

As a leading enterprise of new energy vehicles, BYD Dynasty announced on December 1 that it will launch a time-limited discount for oil-to-electricity conversion, that is, fuel transfer fund activities, which cover some models of Qin, Han, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, among which Han EV champion version can enjoy up to 20, 000 yuan fuel transfer fund. BYD said that this move is aimed at comprehensively popularizing DM-i hybrid technology and comprehensively accelerating the process of "oil-to-electricity". At the same time, consumers can also enjoy a discount of 2000 yuan and 7000 yuan when buying seal DM-i models, and this promotion is limited to December.

Earlier, on November 30, Jiyue Motors announced a new price policy and rights: the official price of the all-series model of Jiyue 01 was reduced by 30, 000 yuan, and the price range after the price reduction was between 299 and 309900 yuan. It is understood that Ji Yue Automobile is a brand new brand jointly launched by Geely and Baidu. The first model, Ji Yue 01, is based on the vast structure of SEA. It is a twin brother with polar krypton 001. This model locates large SUV in pure electricity and provides single-motor and dual-motor models. It was listed on October 27th. In other words, Ji Yue 01 will be sold at a reduced price after one month on the market, but for users who have already picked up the car, Ji Yue will give 30,000 yuan cash compensation for the price difference according to the price of the latest model.

After BYD fired the first shot at the price reduction in December, car companies including Changan Automobile, Zhiji Automobile and Zero running Automobile all launched a new policy of exclusive car purchase. The cash of five models of Changan Automobile dropped by 30000 yuan, and Nahan launched a new enjoy version of Naxi Auto. The new prices are respectively 19.98-229800 yuan, a reduction of 30, 000 yuan compared with previous models.

Behind the price reduction promotion, we still hope to achieve the goal as much as possible. Among the 11 new energy vehicle companies counted by the Tramcar report, in fact, only ideal cars have achieved the target of annual sales of 300000 vehicles, while other models are still far from the target. BYD sold a total of 2.672 million vehicles in the previous November, with a target completion rate of 89%. 328000 vehicles need to be sold in the last month to achieve the target. But BYD is also the only company after the ideal car that has a chance of achieving its goals.

Of the remaining 10 new energy car companies, only BYD has a completion rate of close to 90% and is expected to meet its annual target.

BYD sold 301900 cars in November, up 70 from October, and sold about 2.672 million vehicles this year, up 64.29% from a year earlier. To meet its annual target of 3 million vehicles, BYD needs to sell 328000 vehicles in December, up 8.6 per cent from November. In addition, the completion rate of polar krypton and AION is more than 70%, the completion rate of Xiaopeng car and zero-running car is more than 60%, and that of Xilai, Najia and Selis is less than 60%. There is a high probability that these car companies fail.

At present, the car volume is particularly obvious, the volume configuration volume price volume brand, especially the price for volume, after entering 2024, the high probability will be the same. For car companies, price reduction is bound to help car market sales hit new highs, but it will also increase the pressure of market competition. In the future, more car companies will join the ranks of promotional price cuts and further squeeze their profit margins. Price reduction is still the norm in the car circle for a long time in the future. Car companies should not only rationally deploy resources and rhythm, but also continue to enhance the core cost reduction capacity.

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