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The list of car complaints in November, well-known mixed models ranked first.

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According to the latest data released by the car quality Network, a total of 14802 effective complaints from car owners were accepted in November 2023), down 9.9% from the previous month and up 47.8% from the same period last year. Judging from the list, compared with the past, Toyota is still the main brand to complain about, but other brands have also been added, including Wei Brand, Buick and Xiaopeng. Wei Lanshan DHT-PHEV, owned by Great Wall Motor, topped the list of complaints, mainly about price changes and audio and video system failures.

Through sorting out the complaints and feedback of Wei Lanshan owners, 98% of the complaints reflected a disguised price reduction of Wei Lanshan during the warranty period. It is understood that Wei Lanshan DHT-PHEV went on the market on April 13 with a price range of 27.38-308800 yuan. At the beginning of the listing of Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV, it was officially announced that the price would be guaranteed until December 31, 2023. If the official price is reduced during this period, the price difference will be compensated, and if the dealers misprice, the authorities will also punish the relevant dealers.

A car owner reported that he bought a Wei Lanshan DHT-PHEV four-wheel drive version at a uniform price of 308800 yuan given by the manufacturer in July. At that time, the sales claimed that the price of the car was uniform across the country, there was no price difference among local dealers, and there was a price insurance agreement from the manufacturer. In October, many dealers and stores reduced prices in disguise for various reasons, such as store celebrations, car cash-back, insurance, and so on, and various dealers offered varying degrees of concessions, which caused many car owners to be dissatisfied. For the time being, the authorities have not responded to the dealers' behavior, thus thinking about whether it is an official instruction. As a result, complaints against Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV began to increase unusually in October and November.

Previously, a car owner asked the customer service question on Wei APP, and the reply was, "from April 13, 2023 to December 31, 2023, customers who have ordered the Blue Mountain model and issued an invoice for verification, such as the reduction of Wei Brand official suggested retail price or the adjustment of Wei Brand's purchase cash relief rights and interests, the manufacturer will return the new and old suggested retail price difference. In addition, the rights and interests of temporary activities such as replacement subsidies and local government car purchase subsidies are not within the scope of insurance rights and interests. " In other words, only the official drop will guarantee the price, and the promotion and price reduction made by dealers to Blue Mountain DHT-PHEV does not belong to this scope of rights and interests.

In terms of other models, Toyota has the largest number of complaints about models, including Corolla, Ruizhi, Crown, Leiling, Feng Landa, Camry, Carola Ruifang, etc., while complaints about Ruizhi and Crown models are still unsolved. Due to the aging of components, including instrument cracking and other problems, the complaint is relatively old. Carola and Leiling were complained that there was no interconnection between cars and machines, that they could not use CarLife, and that the version of the map was too low, requiring manufacturers to update their systems and increase the interconnection between vehicles and machines.

BYD's top 10 model is Song PLUS New Energy, which also has a long history of complaints, the main complaint is the forced start of the engine in EV mode. According to the description of the owner, the Song PLUS new energy model forcibly starts the engine without any hint in the fully charged mode, causing economic losses to the owner.

Another new energy model, the Xiaopeng P7, also appeared on TOP10. The main reason for the complaint was that the driving assistance function did not match the manufacturer's propaganda. According to the owner, when buying the car, the official copywriter publicized that the Xiaopeng P7E version supported the XPILOT3.0 support to upgrade to the XPILOT4.0 service, which was not included in the car price at that time, and it was necessary to buy the upgrade package separately or spend an extra 80, 000 to 120000 to buy the Peng wing version, but so far, Xiaopeng still did not provide related services.

Overall, November's problems with models and brands on the list compared with previous months, especially the Toyota brand, mean that car companies are inefficient in handling consumer complaints and inadequate to address pain points. It is worth noting that Wei Lanshan DHT-PHEV has become the new complaint king, and if the authorities do not respond clearly to this question, I am afraid it will continue.

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