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Particle trap clogged! Many models of North and South Toyota suffer.

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A few days ago, "Automotive Industry concern" learned from the automobile complaint website and the circle of car friends that a large number of FAW Toyota / Guangzhou Auto Toyota models have been complained by a large number of car owners. Judging from the top 10 list of complaints, as of December 7, Toyota had the largest number of models on the list, with Rayling, Carola, Carola Ruifang and Fenglanda all complained of engine / motor exhaust problems due to blockage of particle traps, resulting in weak acceleration, increased fuel consumption, gear changes, and so on.

The owners of GAC Toyota Fenglan's 2023 2.0L intelligent hybrid dual-engine leading version reported that the new car was clogged with particle traps after 2800 kilometers, 70 per cent of which were on highways. According to the recommendation of the 4S store, drive at a speed of more than 60 kilometers for 30 minutes, but the problem has not been solved. Up to now, the new car has driven 3800 kilometers, but the problem still exists. The failure of particle trap blockage is reported every day, and no clear solution has been received from the 4S store or manufacturer.

FAW Toyota Corolla Ruifang 2023 dual engine 2.0L flagship version of the owner feedback that the new car bought on August 24, just driving the 4600km when the particle trap clogged the fault prompt, the motor can not start in the process, the whole process for the engine work, resulting in increased fuel consumption, insufficient power, engine noise. Subsequently, the owner drove the vehicle to the 4S store for inspection and repair, and the 4S store advised the owner to run more highways, and the problem was indeed alleviated after the owner ran a section of the highway, but the fault appeared again after driving in the urban area for a period of time.

Particle trap, also known as gasoline engine particle trap (Gasoline Particulate Filter, hereinafter referred to as "GPF"), its function is to capture carbon particles and other small particles before they enter the atmosphere, so as to meet national or local emission standards. It is understood that GPF can capture more than 90% of the soot produced by the engine. After the adsorption amount of particles reaches a certain degree, it can burn at high speed and become harmless carbon dioxide emissions.

To put it simply, GPF is equivalent to wearing a mask to the engine exhaust system to filter the tiny particles in the exhaust. When it reaches a certain stock, it will automatically burn the captured particles, thus achieving cycle work. Since the implementation of the national six emission standards, Toyota has installed GPF on its models to meet the emission requirements.

With regard to the issue of particle traps, the two models with the most complaints in the early years were Volkswagen's Tanyue and Tuguan L models, and the problems were similar to those of Toyota models, both of which led to increased fuel consumption and lack of power due to blockage of particle trappers, which led to complaints from a large number of car owners. Since then, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC-Volkswagen have announced solutions to upgrade software and hardware to solve the problem. Today, North and South Toyota also have similar problems, and as of press time, FAW Toyota and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota have not responded to the problem of particle trap congestion.

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