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Tough! A number of car companies question their understanding of the endurance results of Chedi's winter test.

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Recently, the domestic automotive media understand that the car emperor on the market of the mainstream 19 hybrid models, winter performance test. Among them, the release of the test results on the battery life rate of hybrid models under severe cold conditions triggered a heated discussion among the majority of netizens and triggered a number of car companies to respond personally.

Judging from the achievement rate of pure electric battery range announced by car understanding Emperor, the top four models are all from BYD, and the top one is BYD looking up to the U8 model, with a range rate of 85.08%, with a nominal range of 124 km and an actual range of 105 km. The three models closely followed by the U8 rankings are the BYD PLUS DM-i, Teng Teng D9 and BYD Tang DM-P, with a success rate of 82.5%, 61.1% and 51.53%, respectively. The fifth place is the ideal L7, with a success rate of 51.26%.

It is worth noting that in addition to these 5 models, the other 14 models have halved the success rate of pure electric battery life, and failed to reach 50%. Many of these models are hot-selling models in the market, such as Wei Lanshan DHT, ideal L9, equation Leopard 5, Tank 400HiT, Harvard Raptor and so on. Among them, at the bottom of the list is the recent best-selling M7 model. According to the results released by the car Emperor, the M7 has a success rate of 31.6%, with a nominal range of 175 km and an actual range of 55.3 km.

As soon as this result was issued, the officials of the question world could not sit still. Subsequently, the official of the world immediately released a post entitled "not afraid of the cold, official interpretation of the winter test performance of the series of models", explaining the test results of the driving range. The official said: the test media confirmed that the vehicle was heated by air conditioning for a total of 71 minutes before the formal test, and continued for another 40 minutes after the temperature in the car reached 24 degrees Celsius. In this process, there are more than ten times to open and close the doors and windows, of which the longest time is more than 3 minutes, which greatly increases the energy consumption of air conditioning and leads to a rapid decline in electricity consumption. Under the condition of severe cold and continuous heating of air conditioning, the windows and doors are opened for many times for a long time, which seriously deviates from the real use scene of users.

At the same time, it is also pointed out that the test begins only when the electricity of the vehicle is only 74.9%, carrying the driver and four 60-kilogram sandbags. In addition, when the power is 20.4%, the range expander starts and actually consumes 54.5% of the battery power, resulting in a pure electric range of 55.3 km in extreme winter weather conditions.

In response to the release of AITO cars, Zhi Cedi later suspected to respond in a live broadcast that the life test standards of all vehicles in this winter test are the same and will not be aimed at a particular model. In the test, nearly 20 hybrid models set off in formation at minus 20 degrees at the same time, and the preparation time takes more than an hour, which is clearly written in the test rules. During the preparation period, all vehicles have to install shooting equipment, and there will be temporary conditions such as not being able to turn on pure electricity, so it is necessary to start testing after all vehicles are ready. The online "heating for another 40 minutes" has actually been included in the 71-minute preparation time, which is actually a rumor.

In addition, the understanding car emperor also said that the flight test is a full-load test, sandbags for testing is to be more rigorous. The whole test will be according to the vehicle load N individual configuration of a sandbag, each sandbag weight is 60 kg, full load is also a common car scenario for users.

With regard to the fact that the M7 ranked at the bottom of the cold range test released by Chedi, Huawei Yu Chengdong, as the spokesman of the question, naturally could not sit still and personally forwarded the official message of the question, while commenting that "misleading the public! science and rigor are the basic rules that should be followed!"

As to why the car and Huawei Yu Chengdong both personally spoke for the M7, it has something to do with the hot sales behind it. Figures show that the new M7 sold 15242 vehicles in November, accounting for nearly 80% of MJ's sales. For reference, Mengjie sold 18827 cars in November. In addition, since the new M7 went on sale in September, officials say it has accumulated more than 100000 vehicles. In the context of such sales, it was exposed that the rate of success was not high, so the authorities naturally had to come forward to explain.

Interestingly, the test results have also been questioned by other car companies. Great Wall Automobile said in a post on Weibo today that it will hold a communication meeting in Beijing at 15:00 on December 14 to question the winter test standards of Chudi. At the same time, it means hard. Revelations? Uncover the truth? If you fish it dry, you have to see the Great Wall.

At 17:33 in the afternoon, Great Wall Motor once again issued a message saying: it is time to jointly build new energy quality test standards initiative. Great Wall Automobile said that it agrees with the length of time it takes to release test equipment, and points out that equipment is a very important step to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the test. Before doing the pure electric range test, Great Wall also needs about an hour of preparation time, no high-voltage power during the preparation period, and consumes very little electricity.

In addition, it is also pointed out that there are more than ten times opening and closing doors and window operation in each model of the test, and the heating of seats in some models, all of which will affect the power consumption before the vehicle test. According to the background data analysis, there is a consumption of 5-8 kilowatt-hours of electricity, considering that the winter test is prepared in a low temperature environment, turning on the air conditioner is a necessary humanized measure, but in order to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the test, it is recommended to charge the vehicle to the fully charged state after the completion of the test, or to calculate the pure electricity range according to the proportion of power consumption in the actual driving test.

Following Jie Automobile and Great Wall Motor, Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holdings Group, also said in a post today: I do not agree with the test results of understanding car Emperor. At the same time, it is pointed out that the evaluation process is not scientific and rigorous, and the conclusion is not convincing, which not only misleads consumers, but also hurts the credibility of Cheti himself. Hope that the majority of consumers through "do not try, do not compare do not sell" way, personally experience the hard power of Geely brands.

In response to the questions raised by the car companies, some netizens pointed out that it is difficult for horizontal comments to be 100% objective because there are too many variables. For example, the number of times to open the door, air conditioning temperature, air volume and so on will affect the test results. In addition, some netizens commented that it is a good thing to have doubts, which shows that car companies, media and consumers are all working towards a more open and transparent direction. From the perspective of automobile companies, scientific and rigorous testing has horizontal ratio value, because only science + rigor can make targeted optimization. From the perspective of consumers, the credibility of the standardized test results of car companies Guanxuan is getting lower and lower, it is difficult to get rid of the suspicion of every potter praises his pot, understand the dispute between car emperor and car companies, no matter who wins, can further break down the information barriers between consumers and car companies.

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