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Large SUV! The latest declaration picture of Dongfeng M800 has been exposed.

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Recently, the Dongfeng M800 declaration chart appears in the latest batch of declaration information of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. From the declaration information, we can see that the new car is located in a large SUV, which is modified on the basis of Mengshi 917.

In terms of appearance, the design style of the warrior family is still adopted, which is similar to that of the warrior 917. The front face modeling personality is composed of many surface combinations, and the shape of the headlights on both sides is unique, which makes the vehicle look domineering as a whole. The luggage rack on the front engine cover with special air intake and roof position adds a lot of off-road flavor to the vehicle. The position of the front bumper, with complex multi-stage decoration, adds some visual mecha style to the vehicle. In the rear part of the car, a similar cross-shaped taillight is combined with a backpack spare tire on both sides, and the tail mark is marked with the words "fierce" and "M800", which greatly improves the recognition of the vehicle.

In terms of the car body, the overall shape adopts a more square body design, and the car body uses a large number of hard lines to highlight the off-road nature of the vehicle. The door is equipped with the hidden door handle design of the current trend. In addition, it is equipped with off-road tires to enhance the off-road sense of the vehicle. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5136/2172/2063Mm and the wheelbase is 2950mm. Compared with the early listing of the fierce 917, the length and width have been increased. For comparison, the length, width and height of Mengshi 917 are 4987/2080/1935mm and the wheelbase is 2950mm.

In terms of interior decoration, there are no related pictures and news yet. However, as can be seen from the declaration information, the layout of the seats in the car is four. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a plug-in range hybrid system and a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 145 kilowatts. The battery part is equipped with Ningde ternary lithium battery as the battery module, with a maximum speed of up to 170km/h. At the same time, the M800 also provides a four-motor version for users to choose from, with a total power of 800kW and a total torque of 1400 Nm.

Relevant data show that: the fierce brand is the luxury electric off-road brand launched by Dongfeng Motor in August last year, and it is the second high-end electric vehicle brand released by Dongfeng Automobile after Lantu. Fierce brand models will be in the form of new energy, standard electric Hummer, focusing on the high-end off-road market.

The first model, the Mengshi 917, went on sale on August 25 this year. The new car is located in a medium and large SUV, with a total of two models. Among them, the price of the extended version is 637700 yuan, and the price of the pure electric version is 697700 yuan. At the same time, the official also customized for angel users the original version of the extended range version and the original version of the pure electric version of the model, the price of the two models are 678000 yuan and 739000 yuan respectively. It is worth noting that the launch of the Mengshi 917 has not been favored by the market, and relevant data show that the Mengshi 917 sold 81 vehicles in October.

In fact, the Mengshi brand can be seen as a major layout of Dongfeng Motor to accelerate the transformation of new energy, but the first model has not opened the market.

Unfortunately, Lantu Automobile, which has entered the high-end new energy market, has not performed well in the new energy market this year. Data show that Lantu sold 7006 cars in November, and the total sales from January to November were 40535, an increase of 129 percent over the same period last year. Although it has achieved growth, there is still a gap compared with other new car-building forces. Dongfeng had planned to achieve 100% electrification of its main independent brand by 2024. At present, Dongfeng independent passenger car brand structure is composed of "Dongfeng", "Lantu" and "fierce" three major brands, respectively entering the mainstream market, high-end new energy market and luxury electric off-road market. Combined with the sales data of several new energy brands of Dongfeng Automobile, the road of new energy transformation of Dongfeng Automobile is not smooth.

Returning to the fierce brand, according to official plans, the brand will launch no less than one new model a year from 2023, and officials say the launch of more new cars will help Dongfeng seize market share in the high-end electric car segment. However, from the current new energy market, more and more car companies have turned their attention to new energy off-road models, and the listing of new models will also face fierce competition.

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