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Uncover the secret! The car emperor announced the reason why the Wei brand blue mountain climbing test was at the bottom.

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Recently, the winter test results of the car emperor have caused heated discussion inside and outside the industry.

At the same time, a number of car enterprise executives are more issued a document saying that the winter test standard of understanding the emperor is not scientific, non-standard, not rigorous. Among them, Great Wall Motor said that it would hold a "communication meeting to question the winter test standard of the emperor" at 15 o 'clock on December 14 to explain the scientific and fair winter test standard of new energy to the public. In addition, it advocates the co-construction of new energy test standards and calls on the industry to formulate new energy test standards that are more in line with the actual application scenarios, actual environmental conditions and actual working conditions of users.

In response to questions from a number of automobile enterprises, the car emperor responded that: 2023 winter test all items use unified test standards, in line with the user winter extremely cold environment car scene, there is no differential treatment. In addition, in order to prove his innocence, he said: At present, the winter test of knowing the car emperor is in progress. At 9:00 a.m. on December 14, Zhiche Di will hold the 2023 Winter Test Open Day in Mohe. All participating automobile enterprises are invited to observe on site. We will broadcast the whole process live.

From the official invitation list, we can see that 39 brands including AITO, Haval, Wei Brand, Tank, Equation Leopard, Geely Galaxy, Hechuang Automobile and Extreme Yue were invited for on-site observation.

Great Wall Motor had previously questioned that when the car emperor carried out the climbing test on Blue Mountain, he did not follow the requirement that the remaining battery capacity of the vehicle in the climbing test link announced earlier was greater than 50%. Great Wall Motor pointed out that through background data restoration, it was found that when the Blue Mountain climbing test was conducted, the remaining power was 23%, which affected the battery output power and caused the failure to exert the real climbing ability.

To this, understand the car emperor also specially recorded a video response, why the Great Wall Blue Mountain will be at the bottom of the climbing test reasons.

The host of the car said in the video: Blue Mountain DHT vehicles began to leak antifreeze during the air conditioning test. The Great Wall official said that the battery power was too low. In fact, the battery power was 23% before departure. In fact, the biggest reason for the bottom of the Blue Mountain climb is that the motor simply does not work hard. At the same time, the host also said in the video that the coolant in Blue Mountain has been leaking all the time, and all the leaked coolant drops on the snow. In addition, it was pointed out that the leakage point of the vehicle was found, and there were at least three leaks in the antifreeze pipeline. Because the motor or battery is likely to be scrapped, the subsequent Blue Mountain will also exit the test. Finally, the host concluded that Blue Mountain vehicles may need to be improved in quality control, assembly technology and quality of a few connecting parts. He hoped that enterprises could put more thought and energy into improving product quality and strengthening quality control.

At present, Great Wall Motor has not responded to the explanation that the car emperor is not ideal for the climbing performance of the Blue Mountain model.

However, for understanding the car emperor host's response, some netizens pointed out why the previous test did not indicate that the vehicle has problems. To this, the name understands the car emperor response said: Blue Mountain car leakage antifreeze, broken, explosion fault, is a few days ago after climbing the problem, through the site snow blue mountain stay place, driving track and each place, antifreeze leakage how much, can be traced back to earlier time this car has occurred pipeline leakage, now said the car is broken also test this belongs to the hindsight, reverse the cause and effect.

It is worth noting that the results of this test are not only questioning the Blue Mountain brand test. Senior executives of Great Wall's Weipai Mountain and Tank brands have voiced doubts that the process of testing their models is not standardized. Among them, tank brand executive deputy general manager Gu Yukun said: Tank 400 Hi4-T in the ice and snow climbing test process, and the same group of evaluation vehicles driving behavior appeared inconsistent situation. For example, in the acceleration phase of the vehicle, there is a loose throttle phenomenon, the vehicle speed drops from 45km/h to 35km/h, and then the full throttle climbs. Before reaching the top of the slope, it did not rush to the maximum limit with all its strength like the vehicles evaluated in the same group, but when the ESP system was normal and the torque was 5400Nm, the braking and parking operation occurred, which failed to give full play to the performance of the whole vehicle.

In addition, it is pointed out that in the pure electric endurance test link, before the tank 400 Hi4-T test, there is 72 minutes of preparation time, during which more than ten times of opening and closing doors, the total opening time is about 13 minutes, which increases the energy consumption of the air conditioner. The total power consumption of this process is 6.1 degrees, and the endurance of the converted test condition is 12.8km. At the same time, when the battery charge remains 29.2%, the throttle depth reaches 84%, the engine starts early, triggers the so-called "test termination condition," the test ends, and the pure electric range of the remaining 29.2% charge is not included in the overall test result.

For the tank brand Gu Yukun raised questions, Some netizens also pointed out in the comments, In the tank 400 Hi4-T and the same group of equations Leopard Leopard 5 test link, Tank 400 Hi-4T in the slope lit brake lights occurred. There was no response to why the tank 400 Hi4-T had brake lights on the slope.

Li Wanpeng, head of Wei brand mountain products, also issued a document saying that before the pure electric endurance test, mountain vehicles also had a long preparation time, during which the air conditioner was turned on for 59 minutes, during which there were more than ten door opening and closing behaviors. This will undoubtedly affect the accuracy of the test results.

Liu Yanzhao, general manager of tank brand and Blue Mountain brand, said: It is not easy to build a car, and the evaluation needs to be rigorous. Let's talk about scenarios and standards first, then about experiences and results. In line with the attitude of being responsible for the industry and consumers, Great Wall Motors appeals to Chinese automobile enterprises and media friends to create a more professional and rigorous "new energy vehicle standard test platform" to jointly promote the improvement of test credibility and vehicle performance.

As more and more people pay attention to the event of understanding the winter test of the car emperor, yesterday, a micro blog named @ small garlic sprout long blogger sent out a suspected understanding of the winter test of the car emperor business cooperation rights screenshot, will understand the winter test results of the car emperor pushed to a climax. As can be seen from the pictures, the winter test resource package is divided into two categories, one for independent brand cooperation rights and the other for luxury joint venture brand cooperation rights. From the price point of view, different winter test versions, prices are different, among which the independent brand cooperation rights winter test involves driving fun version 1600 million seats, energy storage version 1000 million seats, basic version 600 million seats. Seeing this price, netizens are also shouting, scared by the price.

Yesterday, in response to the commercial cooperation rights and interests of the car emperor winter test, the staff of the car emperor responded: "it is pure nonsense. none of the 53 cars in the 2023 winter test has commercial cooperation, and no car enterprise can interfere with the test and affect the test results." "

For understanding the car emperor self-certification innocence requires car enterprises to carry out on-site observation together, some netizens said: most car enterprises should not participate. It pointed out that the 14th Great Wall will hold a communication meeting in Beijing, and the time conflicts. In addition, the car enterprises originally questioned that the test of knowing the car emperor is not scientific, if there is a significant difference in the re-test results, knowing the car emperor is equivalent to completely smashing their own signboard. If the result is still the same under the supervision of the car companies, it is equivalent to smashing the signboards of the car companies, and there is no point in participating in the show. Of course, we will continue to pay attention to the final follow-up situation.

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