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There is a lot of controversy! A number of car companies have issued statements.

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On December 15, AITO issued a statement saying that the evaluation of new energy vehicles is a complex and systematic project, which requires professional technical support and strict operating procedures to ensure that the results are accurate and fair. We believe that the starting point and end point of any test should serve the real experience of consumers.

AITO said that before the launch of each new car, Huawei and Selis engineers will conduct rigorous tests on daily and extreme conditions to ensure that the car is more comfortable and comfortable in winter. In addition, authoritative testing institutions, such as China Automotive Research Institute and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, use rigorous, scientific and reliable testing methods to verify the pure electric range, comprehensive range and other data of vehicles. We hope to see more scientific, professional, rigorous and impartial testing, which will bring real value to the development of the industry. we also welcome more consumers to visit our stores and user centers across the country to understand the feelings of real car owners.

Great Wall made a similar statement. On the same day, Great Wall Motor posted an article entitled "Baoding Round Table Forum reached an initiative to improve the environmental testing level of new energy vehicles" on Weibo. Great Wall pointed out that environmental testing of new energy vehicles is a complex and huge system, and it may be difficult to obtain valuable test results without professional equipment, professional environment, professional practices and professionals. Take the recently discussed winter test as an example, the test environment is bad, and there are extremely high standards for equipment conditions, scale, funds and personnel quality. Media evaluation needs to be tested according to the standards recognized by the industry, the rigor of the testing means and process, the regularity and rationality of the testing standards, the accuracy and legality of the testing equipment, and the repeated verification of a large amount of data. in order to ensure its fairness and professionalism.

Earlier, Tesla's official Weibo forwarded the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers article on December 14, saying, "our global engineering team conducts a large number of extremely stringent extreme cold tests every year to ensure the reliability of the products. As the association said, media testing away from industry standards can mislead the public and consume public resources. Whether you consider buying Tesla or not, we sincerely invite you to come to the store for a test drive. Your real experience is the most important. "

The dispute between the car emperor and the car company about the winter test continues, which leads to the formulation and exploration of media evaluation standards in the industry.

With the cold wave and blizzard, most parts of the country have entered the "frozen" mode. For new energy vehicle owners, the sudden drop in temperature brings inconvenience to vehicles, and the shortening of vehicle mileage has become the most worrying problem for car owners. For this reason, the understanding car Emperor, as a vertical platform of the car, carried out winter tests for a number of mixed and extended range models, but the released results triggered a heated discussion in the market, and a number of car companies went out to question, thus turning into a public opinion war.

Prior to this, in the test results of the mixed and extended range models announced by the car Emperor, the M7 extended range version ranked the lowest with a range success rate of 31.6%, and the driving success rates of many models owned by Geely and the Great Wall were halved in the test. while BYD has one of the highest success rates of driving, the huge contrast between results raises questions about the car companies' understanding of the car emperor's winter test standards and the fairness, rigor and authority of their test standards.

In order to prove its fairness, understanding car Emperor held a winter test open day in Mohe on December 14, inviting car companies, media, and industry organizations to watch. The models involved in the evaluation were also previously controversial models, but the final results were not much different from those before.

It is understood that the standards adopted in this test for various models are as follows: except for the driver's seat, a 60 kg counterweight is placed on each seat; before the start of the test, stay on for one night after being fully charged, and prepare for power up at the same time before departure; all vehicles start in a unified way, drive in formation, and keep the same route and speed; using the most economical driving mode, the highest kinetic energy recovery mode and 24 ℃ air conditioning are automatic. Drive to the end of the test when the engine or extender starts.

From the evaluation results, the first car to withdraw from the race is Leike 08, which is involved only after running the 6.5km engine. The second is the boundary M7, when the power battery is 31%, the engine intervenes and only runs the 10.6km. The third person who withdrew from the race was the Wei brand Gaoshan 17.4km, when the engine intervened with 29% of the electricity.

Obviously, the evaluation results of Leike 08, M7 and Wei brand Gaoshan models are not satisfactory, and these three models are just on the market, so such performance will indeed cause consumers to worry about driving. As a result, Great Wall Motor and Mengjie Motor are particularly concerned about this matter, and call for the development of professional and rigorous testing standards.

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle market, consumers' demand for vehicle performance and mileage is increasing. The healthy development of the automobile industry really needs to establish a set of scientific and standardized evaluation system of new energy vehicles. Dr. Wang Yao, Assistant Secretary-General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Minister of Technology, said in a recent interview that the media should recognize its responsibility to guide public opinion and verify the performance data of vehicles with rigorous, scientific and reliable testing methods. maintain a fair and fair competition environment in the industry, create truly valuable content for consumers, avoid abusing influence and misleading public judgment.

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