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Buick's latest car purchase discount: a maximum discount of 70,000 yuan

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On December 15, SAIC GM Buick announced a time-limited preferential policy for car purchase at the end of the year, involving models including Weilang Pro, Regal, LaCrosse, Angkewei S, Angkewei Plus and Angkeqi. The time-limited preferential activity lasts from now until December 31,2023.

It is understood that Buick year-end time-limited comprehensive discount between 30,000 - 70,000 yuan, among which the highest comprehensive discount model is Angke flag, comprehensive discount range is 70,000 yuan, but did not announce its preferential composition. In terms of other models, Buick Micro Blue starts at RMB 99,800 yuan at the end of 6 years, Angkewei S/Angkewei PLUS offers RMB 60,000 yuan respectively, the brand-new generation of LaCrosse/Regal offers RMB 30,000 yuan, Buick E5 starts at RMB 169,800 yuan, and Weilang Pro starts at RMB 78,900 yuan.

By contrast, Buick announced the year-end time-limited car purchase policy and September autumn time-limited car purchase preferential policy similar decline, but Junyue preferential margin has increased. Perhaps Buick GL8 market sales are OK, not included in this round of preferential administration.

Price war has become a main theme in the current new energy automobile market. Since December, more than 15 car brands have announced different price cuts to compete in the market, and in this competition, especially the joint venture brand's posture towards the Chinese market has also changed.

In addition to Buick, Toyota, Volkswagen and other joint venture brands have also begun to launch preferential car purchase policies and implement the strategy of "same price for oil and electricity." On December 4, SAIC Volkswagen officially announced the latest preferential policies for car purchases. According to the news, from now on to December 31,2023, the purchase of Touang, Lavida, Tuyue, Passat, Tiguan L and other models can enjoy comprehensive preferential policies, with the highest comprehensive discount of 58,000 yuan. Among them, the highest comprehensive discount for purchase of Touang is 58000 yuan, the highest comprehensive discount for purchase of 2024 Lavida is 30000 yuan, the highest discount for purchase of Touyue is 38000 yuan, the highest comprehensive discount for purchase of Passat is 40000 yuan, and the purchase of Tiguan L starts from 169900 yuan.

Joint venture brands also want to attract consumers through price reduction, perhaps there is a certain opportunity, but in the independent brand has become the mainstream of the market background, price reduction is not necessarily useful, after all, the current consumer for automobile products, no longer stay on the price, but the product itself. Therefore, in the context of price reduction, it is also necessary for automobile enterprises to invest more energy in research and development of new technologies.

Under the circumstances that the purchase tax of fuel vehicles is halved, the new energy vehicles continue to rise, and the overall automobile market is relatively depressed, automobile enterprises can only survive and eat more market share through price reduction promotion. Of course, price reduction can effectively increase the order volume, further promote the continuous release of car purchase demand, but the market generally believes that the main purpose of price reduction is to hit competitors, after all, beyond the conventional price reduction will certainly let other brands face pricing pressure. Therefore, the price war may be able to increase sales, but to stabilize the market, not to be restrained by other brands, core innovation ability is the key to winning.

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