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Here comes iCAR! The first model starts from 129800 yuan.

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On December 18, Chery New Energy iCAR 03 officially opened its pre-sale, launching a total of six models with a price range of 12.98-185800 yuan, including three two-wheel-drive models and three four-wheel-drive models. It is understood that iCAR 03 is the first iCAR car model, positioning hard pure electric SUV, debut at the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, based on i-MS multi-Rubik's cube new energy architecture.

In terms of appearance, iCAR 03 uses a fairly hard-core design language to build, there is almost no round line design on it, the front face is modeled with a closed grille, the "iCAR" brand logo is also designed in the middle of the front, and the headlights on both sides are also integrated with the front, and the internal light source layout is also very chic. After lighting, it has a high degree of recognition. in addition, the new car is equipped with a wide front enclosure, which makes the overall aura look more domineering.

On the side of the body, the iCAR 03 has a straight waistline design, and the black eyebrows and side skirt with off-road tires further emphasize the off-road positioning of the car. In the rear part, the overall style of iCAR 03 is consistent with that of the front face, with longitudinally distributed taillight groups on both sides and a similar "I" light source integrated inside, which can form a good echo effect with its brand Logo. In addition, the rear enclosure of the new car is also quite wide, which can form a good echo with the front encirclement design, and is also equipped with an external "small schoolbag" with a storage box inside. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4406/1910/1715mm, wheelbase is 2715mm, positioning compact pure electric SUV.

When entering the car, the new car also adopts a very hard design style. with the blessing of a variety of colors and materials, the interior of the car shows a different overall atmosphere from that of ordinary family cars. ICAR 03 adopts symmetrical layout, a large central control screen occupies C position, and the through design under the center console expands the internal storage space, which is convenient for the storage and easy access of daily necessities. In the lower sub-dashboard area, iCAR 03 also designs a knob made of similar crystal material, which we suspect can control the related functions of the car. ICAR 03 adopts three-frame steering wheel to simplify button design and cooperate with roller for functional operation.

In terms of configuration, iCAR 03 will be equipped with the standard 6-way electric seat, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, rear air conditioning outlet, roof luggage rack and other configurations. The medium and high-end models will also be equipped with higher-end configurations such as 8155 chip, NFC key, 50W mobile phone wireless fast charging, four-tone area voice interaction, steering wheel heating, front seat heating, main seat ventilation / massage, Infinity 12 speaker sound and electric suction tail door.

In terms of power, iCAR 03 uses a single motor layout with a maximum motor power of 135kW and is equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack, but the mileage has not yet been exposed. Combined with previous news, iCAR 03 has built-in all-aluminum girders, has 10 driving modes and will be equipped with L2 driving assistance.

Generally speaking, iCAR 03 has a certain competitive advantage, and its hard off-road design style is more sought after by young consumers. at the same time, as a pure electric SUV, the price of 14-190000 yuan also has a certain competitiveness, but at the same time, the disadvantage of iCAR 03 is also obvious. its 8155 chip is not standard, and the performance of the two-wheel drive version is not outstanding enough, and the longest battery life of 501km is not as good as other electric vehicles on the market. This may be shut out by consumers who are more focused on performance.

At present, Chery's Chery, Xingtuo and Jetway brands have completed the layout of new energy, and the iCAR brand represented by young and cool has also opened new market segments to build models. It is understood that iCAR, launched on the eve of the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, is Chery's first new energy vehicle brand, with the live launch of iCAR GT (concept car) and iCAR 03. It is understood that iCAR is mainly for the price range of 150000 yuan, first from A0 to the mainstream market layout of A-class cars, followed by the introduction of B-class cars.

Retail data show that Chery New Energy sold 95289 vehicles in the first 11 months of 2023, of which the highest selling model was Chery QQ ice cream, with 60235, followed by Chery Little Ant, with 23272. As the new layout of Chery in the field of new energy vehicles, it remains to be seen whether iCAR 03 will become the next popular style.

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