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From 145800 yuan! Ford Ranger Ranger goes on sale

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On December 20, the brand-new Ford Ranger was officially launched. Eight new models were launched with a price range of 145,800 - 240,800 yuan. In addition, the first edition of Ford Ranger 1st Edition has been launched at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, with an official guidance price of 2648 - 268,800 yuan and a limited number of 800 units.

The fifth-generation Ranger (domestic version named Ranger) was born in 2021 and is based on Ford's third-generation midsize pickup platform. In terms of appearance, the domestic Ford Ranger adopts brand-new modeling design. The large size grille adopts double-layer banner with transverse through design, which is perfectly integrated with the "C-shaped" headlight. Its headlight also adopts matrix LED light source. In contrast, the first edition of the Ranger 1st Edition has a coarser look, with a honeycomb interior to the sporty front grille and a black horizontal trim throughout. At the same time, the interior of the air intake grille is designed with trim strips in the same color as the body, which also reflects the identity of the first version. The first version of the Ranger 1st Edition has its own "1st Edition" pull pattern on the side of the car, and is equipped with original side pedals and wading throats, as well as all-terrain tires and anti-drop rims.

Interior, Jiangling Ford Ranger center console with a large number of leather soft bags, and through orange trim for decoration. The center of the vehicle is a 12.8-inch vertical central control screen equipped with the latest SYNC 4 infotainment system. The whole multimedia system has also been localized, adding localized apps such as Gaode Map and National K Song, and supporting CarPlay. The keys of the steering wheel have been localized, and you can see the keys of steering wheel heating, WeChat, etc. The new car is also equipped with a full LCD dashboard that allows you to see tire pressure monitoring.

In terms of power, Ford Ranger will provide 2.3T turbocharged gasoline engine and 2.3T turbocharged diesel engine. Among them, the maximum power of 2.3T gasoline engine is 190kW and peak torque is 450N·m; the maximum power of 2.3T diesel turbocharged engine is 137kW and peak torque is 470N·m. In terms of transmission system, it is matched with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Ford Ranger is one of the cheapest American pickup trucks in China at present. Compared with Ford imported Raptor, it is much cheaper. Its price advantage may attract many users. Of course, the competitive pressure of Ford Ranger is not small, especially from the pickup trucks owned by Great Wall Motors. According to the official website, at present, the Great Wall pickup truck models on sale include Great Wall gun series, King Kong gun, mountain and sea gun and Fengjun series, among which the Great Wall gun series includes Great Wall gun·passenger pickup truck, Great Wall gun·commercial pickup truck, Great Wall gun·off-road pickup truck, artillery, locomotive gun, mountain and sea gun. The pickup truck dominated by Great Wall gun has become the mainstream of the market. According to the data, the cumulative sales volume of Great Wall pickup trucks in November before 2023 was 147,200, with a year-on-year growth of 7.0% and a market share of 50.14%.

In addition, the domestic pickup truck market is also transforming to new energy, although this speed will be slower than other fields, but it will continue to be carried out. The Ranger is equipped with 2.3T gasoline/diesel engine. Although the stability of power output is ensured, most consumers who like fuel vehicles may hang on to buy cars, but under the guidance of national policies, the future development space of fuel pickup trucks will have an upper limit.

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