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Pre-sale of the new Lecker 09EM-P: from 318000 yuan

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On December 20, the new Lecker 09 EM-P officially opened its pre-sale, with a total of 4 new models, with a pre-sale price range of 31.8-358000 yuan. In addition to EM-P, Lecker 09 also offers a MHEV version, which currently ranges from 25.79 yuan to 312900 yuan. It is understood that Lecker 09 is the medium-and large-scale SUV,EM-P of Lecker car, which corresponds to plug-in hybrid, MHEV corresponds to gas-electric hybrid, and the new car is based on SPA platform.

In terms of appearance, the new Lecker 09 EM-P still maintains the design of the Lecker family, using the classic split headlight group, the upper LED daylight and the lower far and near light group remain unchanged. The change of the new car is mainly concentrated in the middle net, which returns to the traditional chrome-plated strip and blackens, and the air intakes on both sides are changed to Y-shaped decoration.

On the side of the car body, the main change is the addition of chromium plating element to the decorative area of the front door, using hidden door handle design, D-column position with blackening details, forming a suspended roof design effect. In the rear part, the LED light group module arranged horizontally inside the new car's taillights is also highly recognizable after lighting. In addition, the new car uses a hidden exhaust layout and adds a bright black diffuser, which is calm with a bit of movement. In terms of size, its length, width and height are 5042/1977/1780mm and its wheelbase is 2984mm.

In terms of interior decoration, the interior layout of the new LK 09 EM-P is consistent with that of the current models on sale. The central control adopts the classic embracing design, the three-frame steering wheel adopts a more sporty flat-bottomed design, the central control LCD screen changes from the embedded type to the suspended type, and the size of the central control screen is further enlarged, from the previous 12 inches to 15.4 inches. The car-machine interface is re-optimized and equipped with Lynk OSN system. Cancel the original physical air conditioning button and add an air conditioning outlet at the bottom of the screen. The position of the sun visor of the copilot is added to the display screen, which can play the content of film and television entertainment. In terms of layout, the new Lecker 09 EM-P offers optional layouts of 6 seats and 7 seats.

In terms of seats, the new car no longer uses one-piece seats, but uses split seats. The decorative color of the door is optimized for a stronger sense of integrity. The second row of seats will be equipped with heating, ventilation, massage functions, can achieve "completely flat", and have an exclusive one-button adjustment button, at the same time, the second row of seats can also be adjusted horizontally. The third row of seats also supports electric adjustment.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system composed of Drive-E 2.0TD high-power engine and three motors, with a comprehensive power of 555hp and a comprehensive torque of 844Nm, of which 2.0T turbocharged engine has a maximum output power of 254hp (187kW). The transmission system matches a three-gear hybrid special gearbox, which can provide pure electric life for CLTC and 1430km for CLTC. WLTC operating conditions comprehensive range 1.0L/100km. 0-100km/h acceleration time 4.9s, acceleration will become faster.

As we all know, Lecker brand is jointly funded by Geely Holdings, Geely Motor and Volvo, positioning its own high-end brand, the brand is dominated by Volvo, and the CMA infrastructure developed jointly by Geely and Volvo is established. At present, Lecker has a number of models on sale, such as small SUV Lecker 06, compact SUV Leck 02 / Lok 05 / Lok 01, medium-sized SUV Linke 08 and so on. Lecker 09, the medium and large SUV of Lecker Motors, will be on the market in October 2022. The latest figures show that Lecker sold 194555 vehicles in the first November, up 23% from a year earlier.

Lectra as a domestic high-end impression has been increasingly recognized by young consumers, and even known as the leader of the high-end of independent brands. At present, hybrid models are too hot in the 250000 price range. Compared with pure electric models, the advantage of hybrid models lies in battery life, but the current battery life of pure electric models is also improving, coupled with the popularity of charging facilities, the advantage of worry-free battery life is constantly weakening. Take November sales as an example, more than 10,000 models include M5 and ideal L8/L7, which are 17039, 16599 and 12476 respectively. As a high-end flagship model, whether it can break out of the world in its place, look forward to it!

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