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Guanxuan built the car for 1000 days! Lei Jun responded that Xiaomi was slow to build cars.

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On December 24, Xiaomi's Weibo account and video account were launched one after another. Last night, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, also posted a personal post on Weibo @ Xiaomi Automobile. This series of operations also made many people in the industry speculate that Xiaomi will have major news announcement.

Today, Xiaomi's official Weibo and Lei Jun Weibo said at the same time that a technical conference will be held at 2: 00 p.m. on December 28. At the same time, it is also accompanied by a publicity picture with the theme of "leapfrogging". As can be seen from the picture, the background of the publicity picture is a perspective view of a millet car. in the picture, you can clearly see the front suspension, balance bar, anti-tilting bar, front car, front motor and other design details. For the hidden information of this publicity picture, it also attracted a lot of netizens' speculation, and some netizens marked out the details of the poster.

Some automotive media commented that: this configuration of millet cars can not be sold at a very low price. Some digital bloggers also participated in the comments: the cockpit floor crossbeam layout, the battery should use CTP or CTB technology, from the tire texture, such as Michelin PSEV, front suspension front double forked arm, the back is likely to be a five-link, while from the organ accelerator pedal, the positioning is partial movement. From this point of view, the cost of SU7 is really high.

With regard to the arrival of Xiaomi car, Lei Jun said in a personal Weibo post today that 1000 days have passed since Xiaomi Guan announced that the car was built. Many people asked, "Why is Xiaomi building a car so slow?" and a friend said, "I heard that electric cars are easy to build. A small company with two to three hundred people can start a car in less than two years."

In response to the slow construction of Xiaomi cars, Lei Jun responded in the article: in today's automobile industry, it is not difficult to save a car. Is to find a standard car, do reverse engineering, change the appearance, and it will be finished soon. But today, with 200 new cars released on the market every year, do you need Xiaomi to save another one? So, when the Xiaomi car team was first formed, we had a three-day and three-night meeting together and only discussed a simple question: what kind of car do you want to build to join Xiaomi? Later, the whole staff agreed: to build a car, there are no shortcuts to the 100-year-old track. Adhere to forward development, starting from the underlying core technology, ten times the investment to build a good car! These technologies will also be fully demonstrated at Xiaomi's auto technology conference on December 28. With regard to the contents of Xiaomi's auto technology conference on December 28, Lei Jun also revealed on Weibo that this time only technology will be sent, not products.

It is worth noting that since Lei Jun announced the construction of the car, the progress of Xiaomi has attracted a lot of attention. Today, the entry about Xiaomi's automobile technology press conference is also on the most popular search site on Weibo. As of press time, the topic has been read 510 million times and the amount of interaction has reached 78000. In addition, as soon as Xiaomi opened its official Weibo, it has also attracted the attention of many netizens. As of press time, Xiaomi's official Weibo followers has reached 83000, and the posted content has been reliked 17000 times.

Related data show that Xiaomi founder Lei Jun announced his move to build cars on March 20, 2021. At that time, Lei Jun said that he was willing to bet all his reputation in life and lead the team to fight for the millet car. On November 15 this year, Xiaomi finally arrived late. The declaration chart of the first model appears in the latest declaration catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As can be seen from the declaration chart, the first model of Xiaomi car is positioned as a pure electric car. In terms of appearance, the overall design language of Xiaomi SU7 adopts simple style, the body is designed with slip-back style, and Xiaomi logo is used directly. In the rear part, the millet SU7 uses the through taillight group shape, the rear logo is "xiaomi" pinyin style, the lower left corner is the "Beijing Xiaomi" logo, and the lower right corner is the "SU7" logo. In terms of power, Xiaomi SU7 is equipped with Ningde ternary lithium ion battery and lithium iron phosphate battery, and the front and rear motor power is 220kW/275kW.

What is the price of the first model of Xiaomi SU7? with reference to Xiaomi SU7 as a medium and large sedan, combined with the structure diagram released by the government, the price of Xiaomi car is estimated not to be much lower. Of course, the final price has yet to be officially announced.

The technical conference announced by Xiaomi Automobile, although it does not release the product, still attracted the attention of many people inside and outside the industry. After all, Xiaomi Automobile has some experience in technology research and development. But for car-making, Xiaomi has always been a layman, after all, the launch of the first model can open the market, this remains to be seen over time.

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