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The Internet Information Office reported that the car blogger "Boss Cai" maliciously slandered and was blocked.

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On December 25, Netcom China publicly exposed a number of typical cases of destroying the business network environment on Weixin Official Accounts. According to Netcom China, the State Network Information Office has carried out work arrangements to optimize the business network environment, continuously strengthened the management of online enterprise-related information content, seriously investigated and dealt with a number of illegal acts infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and issued a centralized notification on this.

Among them, the well-known automobile blogger "Boss Cai" is suspected of publishing false information related to enterprises, maliciously slandering the product quality and reputation of an automobile enterprise, and continues to deliberately hype. The Internet Information Office has closed the micro blog platform account "one dish and two dishes," the chatter platform account "Boss Cai" and the WeChat platform account "Meiyan Automobile" according to law.

In August this year, the account of "Boss Cai," a car critic with millions of chattering fans, was blocked. "Boss Cai" mainly released content videos based on car commentary on the chatter platform. In the early stage, it attracted the attention of netizens by virtue of the popular "Baochi Jie Reduction" event. Since then, in 2021,"Boss Cai" released a video with the theme "One of my Tesla supplier friends exposed related insider" via chatter. "Boss Cai" said in the video that his friend was Tesla's supplier. The friend revealed that Tesla had a series of violations in cooperation with suppliers after localization, but "Boss Cai" did not provide any evidence in the video to prove the authenticity of its description. "Boss Cai" said that the above content belongs to a friend's disclosure, and it is impossible for him to ask this supplier "friend" to provide evidence for himself. Since then,"Boss Cai" has been sued for infringement by Tesla, demanding compensation and apology.

In April 2022,"Boss Cai" made the matter public through the chattering platform, described himself as sued and claimed 500 million yuan, and said he would accompany him to the end. On May 30, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and "Boss Cai" related reputation right dispute new hearing announcement, the plaintiff is Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the defendant is Cai Jia. According to the judgment, the court found that the video content of "Boss Cai" had no factual basis, and that "Boss Cai" had fierce words in the video, with obvious negative comments, which had exceeded the reasonable scope of supervision and criticism, and had pertinence to Tesla's defamation. Based on this, the court asked "Boss Cai" to apologize to Tesla on Weibo, chatter and Weixin Official Accounts within 15 days from the effective date of the judgment, and to compensate Tesla for infringement losses of 100,000 yuan. However,"Boss Cai" did not issue an apology statement on the relevant platform, nor did he compensate Tesla for infringement losses, which was finally enforced by the court.

It is understood that "Boss Cai" had only more than 500,000 fans on the chatter platform before Tesla was exposed, but by November 2022 there were more than 4 million fans.

In addition to "Boss Cai," Netcom China also announced in Weixin Official Accounts that accounts such as "Che Tu She" released negative information about automobile enterprises and sought commercial cooperation. The main body of the account of "Auto News Agency" establishes matrix accounts on many platforms such as today's headline, Baidu, Weibo, etc., and seeks to carry out commercial cooperation by publishing negative information of an automobile enterprise and exerting pressure on the enterprise. After being rejected, continue to publish negative information about the vehicle. The accounts involved have been closed according to law, and the account subjects have been included in the blacklist management of the platform.

The head of relevant departments of the State Network Information Office said that it would maintain a high-pressure situation, continue to rectify all kinds of illegal information and behaviors related to enterprises, expose typical cases, and create a good business network environment for the healthy development of enterprises.

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