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It is exposed that Li Xiaorui, general manager of Harvard, joined Xiaomi car! Hold a press conference the day after tomorrow

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Recently, according to several media reports, Li Xiaorui, former general manager of the Harvard brand, has quietly joined Xiaomi Automobile, becoming another senior executive to join Xiaomi from a traditional car company.

Data show that Li Xiaorui deeply ploughed the automobile marketing market for many years and has more than 20 years of experience in the automobile industry. Before joining Xiaomi, Li Xiaorui was general manager of the Harvard brand of Great Wall, and before joining Great Wall, he was the director of SAIC-Volkswagen in North China, where he was responsible for part of the marketing work of SAIC-Volkswagen. In November, Harvard issued an official announcement appointing Zhao Yongpo as general manager of the Harvard brand, with overall responsibility for the work of the Harvard brand, but did not say where Li Xiaorui was going.

Xiaomi did not have a clear response to the news that Li Xiaorui, the former general manager of the Harvard brand, joined Xiaomi.

Combined with previous reports, after Xiaomi announced the construction of the car, it attracted many executives of traditional car companies to join.

In January 2022, Yu Liguo, former president of Beijing Automobile Group's Polar Fox, became vice president of Xiaomi Automobile. According to an internal email released by Xiaomi Group, Yu Liguo was appointed vice president and political commissar of Xiaomi Automobile headquarters in Beijing. after taking office, he will be responsible for coordinating Xiaomi Automobile integrated management, special business promotion, as well as Xiaomi Automobile Beijing headquarters organization and talent construction, and report to Xiaomi Automobile CEO Lei Jun.

In July 2022, Zhou Yan, former deputy general manager of SAIC GM Wuling sales Company, will join Xiaomi as the head of marketing, reporting directly to Lei Jun, who packaged and created the popular Wuling Hongguang MINIEV during his tenure. However, after seven months on the job, Zhou left Xiaomi and returned to SAIC GM Wuling as deputy general manager of the Wuling brand division.

In May this year, there were media reports that Wen Fei, the former general manager of the Harvard brand, may have joined Xiaomi and was photographed visiting the Weilai delivery center with Lei Jun, but Wenfei is not found in the Xiaomi system. Perhaps because of the restrictions on the competition agreement, the news has yet to be officially confirmed and the answer may be revealed at the technical press conference. In addition, Lei Jun also won Hu Zhengnan, former director of Geely Research Institute, who served as a senior adviser to Xiaomi Automobile and single-handedly promoted the research and development of Xiaomi SU7.

The progress of Xiaomi has been the focus of attention in the industry since Xiaomi announced its next production in March 2021. At present, the first volume production car SU7 of Xiaomi has been declared in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and is expected to be in mass production in the first quarter of 2024. It is understood that Xiaomi Automobile will hold a Technology Day on December 28, which will mainly share the core technology of Xiaomi Automobile and will not release its products to the public.

At a time when Xiaomi Automobile is about to be launched, the official account of "Xiaomi Automobile" was officially launched on the evening of December 24, which was certified as Xiaomi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. In less than two days, the number of fans on the account exceeded 92000. Lei Jun also revealed that Xiaomi invested 3400 engineers in its first car and spent more than 10 billion yuan on research and development. Lei Jun said that he was worried about the sales of Xiaomi cars. He was afraid that "no one would buy it at first," and that "everyone would come to buy it, but they would have to wait a year or two." in fact, there were all kinds of anxieties behind it.

On December 26th, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, sent another long article to share the story behind Xiaomi's car building. "I have set a goal for myself to drive 100 cars," he said. "I have driven more than 150 cars these days." In Lei Jun's view, the new mission of the automobile industry is to create a "mobile smart space", which is the starting point of Xiaomi car.

At present, the information about Xiaomi cars is still very limited, it can be speculated that, as a technology company to build cars, Xiaomi cars should have an in-depth layout in terms of intelligence, especially in terms of self-driving. Previously, Lei Jun publicly said that Xiaomi self-driving will adopt full stack self-development, has now entered the testing stage, the goal is to enter the first camp of the auto self-driving industry in 2024. In addition, Xiaomi SU7 should support 100kWh battery + 800V, mileage and charging speed should be guaranteed, but it is not clear whether Xiaomi will build its own overcharge pile. As for the price of the millet SU7, there is still no accurate information on the market, but in view of the fact that the millet SU7 is a medium and large car, coupled with the market speculation that the 100kWh battery + 800V power combination, the overall vehicle quality and configuration of the main selling model is about 25-300000, the top model may reach 400000. Therefore, whether Xiaomi cars can be popular or not depends on the price.

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