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Challenge BBA? It is exposed that the 2024 sales target is 600000 vehicles.

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According to a late Auto report, the company expects full-year sales of 600,000 vehicles next year and has communicated this target to upstream suppliers. However, Huawei did not respond to this news. Selis said that the sales target is dynamically adjusted according to the internal and external environment. The target of producing and selling millions of vehicles in 2026 for our joint business with Huawei remains unchanged. We hope to take a solid step next year.

At present, it is not clear whether the news is true. If the sales target of 600,000 vehicles is calculated, the average monthly sales volume of the boundary will reach 50,000 vehicles, and the average monthly sales volume of each model will be 12,500 vehicles.

At present, Huawei and Selis jointly launched the AITO Inquiries brand, has launched three models: Inquiries M5, Inquiries M7 and Inquiries M9, among which Inquiries M9 was officially launched on December 26. Two power models, extended range version (CLTC pure battery life 225km) and pure electric version (CLTC battery life 630km), were launched, and Max and Ultra configurations were provided for consumers to choose from, with a price range of 4698 - 569,800 yuan. Yu Chengdong said the car was the best SUV within 10 million yuan.

According to the feedback from the terminal market, the main sales model in 2024 is still the M7. The new M7 was officially released on September 12 and announced its price. It offers two versions of large five-seat and six-seat models. The price range is 249,800 yuan to 329,800 yuan. It falls in the same price band as the medium-sized SUV M5 of the same brand. Consumers are naturally more willing to choose the new M7 with high cost performance. According to retail data, from October to November 2023, the sales volume of M7 was more than 10,000 vehicles, 12193 and 17039 respectively. Up to now, the cumulative number of new M7 is 120,000, and the monthly delivery capacity of new M7 will be 30,000 vehicles per month from next year. If the production capacity is pulled to the limit, the new M7 accounts for about 60% of brand sales.

From the current market point of view, with the development of independent brands entering the high-end market, the market share of traditional luxury brands has been eroded by independent brands. In October before 2023, the sales volume of Brilliance BMW was 575,700, FAW-Audi was 507,400, and Beijing Benz was 490,600. If the sales volume of Wenjie reached 600,000 in 2024, this scale basically reached the market scale of traditional luxury automobile brands. Of course, achieving this goal will not be easy.

In addition to asking for boundaries, Huawei's smart car manufacturers also cooperate with Chery, Jianghuai and Beiqi. Among them, Huawei and Chery's first model, the Smart World S7, has been launched in November. However, compared with the Inquiries brand, the volume of Smart World products is also small, so it is difficult to have good market feedback temporarily.

Earlier, 36Kr reported that domestic car-building new forces have passed their sales forecasts for 2024 to the supply side. Among them, ideal car sales are expected to exceed 800,000 in 2024, Weilai is expected to exceed 230,000, and Xiaopeng cars are expected to exceed 280,000. To refine these goals to a monthly level, the ideal car needs to complete about 67,000 vehicles per month, Weilai needs to complete about 19,000 vehicles per month, and Xiaopeng needs to complete about 23,000 vehicles per month.

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