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Robot attack engineer Musk: the media is shameful

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An engineer was attacked by a robot in a brutal and bloody accident at Tesla's factory near Austin, Texas, in 2021, the Daily Mail reported on December 26. According to reports, two witnesses witnessed a colleague being attacked by a machine used to grab and move newly cast aluminum car parts. when the accident occurred, it pushed the engineer to the ground and inserted a metal claw into his arm and back. and left a trail of blood on the factory floor.

In the report, the Daily Mail specially accompanied a photo of Tesla's "Optimus Prime" humanoid robot, which occurred in 2021, but the robot was released in 2022. There is a sign that the "Optimus Prime" humanoid robot attacks engineers, while the robot used by Tesla in 2021 is the Kuka robot, which is not a complete person, but a robotic arm. Data show that on October 1, 2022, Tesla humanoid robot Optimus ushered in the world's first show, with 40 actuators all over the body, and plans to achieve mass production in 3-5 years, with an estimated production of millions.

Musk responded early this morning: the media (in this case, the Daily Mail) uncovered the damage caused by a simple industrial Kuka robotic arm (available in all factories) two years ago and hinted that the damage was now caused by the humanoid robot Optimus.

However, according to a survey by Information magazine, one in 21 people will be injured in factories in Tesla in 2022, while the industry average is one in 30 workers, much higher than the industry. It has been revealed that the rapid production facility that took two years to build in a Texas super factory has safety defects and has led to frequent work-related injuries. In August 2022, an employee's ankle was caught in a mobile trolley, leaving him unable to work for more than four months. Soon after, another material porter was hit on the head by a metal object and rested for 85 days.

Industry insiders pointed out that problems with the machine's control system and software are likely to cause harm to people, rather than that it has produced a sense of autonomy and has the ability of sensing and analysis to attack people. At present, the robot is still in a very primary stage, if it wants to have independent consciousness and feelings, it needs to go through practice and social perception, but it does not have such ability. In a period of time, robots have independent consciousness, and it is impossible for robots to communicate with human beings and influence human society.

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