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Wang Jun, president of Changan Automobile, will also serve as chairman of Deep Blue! Personnel adjustment of Deep Blue Automobile

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On December 27, media reported that Wang Jun, president of Chang 'an Automobile, will concurrently serve as chairman of Changan Automobile's Deep Blue brand, while Deng Chenghao, CEO of Deep Blue Automobile, was promoted to vice president of Chang' an Automobile at the beginning of this month and concurrently serves as CEO of Deep Blue Automobile. This also means that the first and second leaders of Deep Blue Automobile have senior positions in Chang 'an Automobile.

Chang 'an Deep Blue is a new energy automobile brand released by Chang' an Automobile on April 13,2022. On April 23 of the same year, Chang 'an Automobile announced the LOGO of its brand-new brand Chang' an Deep Blue, and determined that the brand-new model "C385" was named after "Chang 'an Deep Blue SL03." In March this year, Chang 'an Deep Blue changed its name to Deep Blue Automobile. The relevant person in charge of Chang' an Automobile said: "Chang 'an Deep Blue changed to Deep Blue Automobile in order to make the brand clearer, and the others have not changed. "

So far, there are two models of Deep Blue SL03 and Deep Blue S7 under Deep Blue Automobile. According to the data, in the first November of this year, 118574 vehicles were delivered accumulatively, including 16157 vehicles in November, with a month-on-month growth of 4.15%.

It is worth mentioning that in the middle of this month, Avita, another big brand owned by Chang 'an Automobile, also made personnel adjustments. On December 12, Avita Technology announced that Zhu Huarong served as Chairman of Avita Technology, Tan Benhong no longer served as Chairman and CEO of Avita Technology, and served as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Chang 'an Automobile. In addition, Wang Xiaofei, vice president of Chang 'an Automobile, will assist the chairman of Avita Technology in the company's enterprise operation, major project promotion, key business operations and other aspects.

Avita Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Chang 'an Weilai New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., was established on July 10,2018 and renamed as Avita Technology on May 20,2021, becoming a brand owned by Chang' an Automobile. It was jointly built by Chang 'an Automobile, Huawei and Ningde Times. On August 24,2021, Chang' an Automobile officially released Avita brand to position high-end automobile brand.

Industry personage thinks, This Chang 'an automobile to deep blue and Avita change chairman successively, On the one hand means Chang' an automobile to new energy brand attention degree upgrade, On the other hand intends to accelerate Chang 'an automobile in the new energy field put forward "Shangri-La plan."

As early as October 2017, Chang 'an Automobile announced the "Shangri-La Plan," which is directed at the new energy automobile market. According to the plan, Chang 'an Automobile will invest more than 100 billion yuan in new energy in the next eight years, and will completely stop selling traditional fuel vehicles by 2025.

At present, Chang 'an Automobile has gradually possessed a complete product matrix in the field of new energy vehicles. Chang' an Automobile has covered the three markets of low, middle and high end and has been subdivided into its major brands, among which Avita brand focuses on the high-end market; Deep Blue brand focuses on the middle and high end market; and the mainstream market is Chang 'an Qiyuan.

According to the plan, by 2025, the total sales volume of Chang 'an will reach 4 million vehicles, including 3 million Chang' an brands and 1.05 million new energy sales, accounting for 35%; by 2030, the sales volume of Chang 'an automobiles will reach 5.5 million vehicles, including 4.5 million Chang' an brands and 2.7 million new energy sales, accounting for 60%, accounting for 30% of overseas sales.

For Chang 'an Automobile, the approach of "Shangri-La Plan" schedule means that the electrification transformation needs to be accelerated. According to the current development of new energy vehicles in China, the road of transformation of Chang' an new energy vehicles will not be very smooth. Under the background of increasingly fierce competition of new energy vehicles in China, it is worth looking forward to whether Chang 'an New Energy can stand out.

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