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Xiaomi car: there are no plans to launch Redmi cars

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On January 8, Xiaomi officially released "Xiaomi Automobile answers 100 questions from netizens (episode 1)". Xiaomi responded to 33 questions, such as the closely watched pricing range, the maintenance cost of die castings, how many motors are self-developed, and whether there will be a "beggar in the bag" version.

Aiming at "how much is the SU7 price of Xiaomi car? when will it be announced?" The official replied, "We really don't have a final price yet. Mr. Lei also introduced it at Xiaomi's auto technology conference, which is indeed a bit expensive, but it will be 'too expensive for a reason'. It won't be 99000, it won't be 149000, it won't be 199000. The final pricing will be announced at Xiaomi SU7's official launch."

About Xiaomi car will reduce the starting price, make a "beggar in the bag" version? Officials say Xiaomi has fully consistent product project guidelines within the car, and "experience first" is always a top priority. Xiaomi SU7 is the standard version. Xiaomi also said, "there are no plans to launch Redmi cars, we are still focused on Xiaomi cars, or even specifically, our first car-Xiaomi SU7 production and marketing of the whole chain."

With regard to the rumor that "Xiaomi's large die casting is directly renamed from the 8800t die casting machine already owned by Haitian", the official refuted the rumor: "of course not. Xiaomi super large die casting 9100t (ton), not the model, but the actual rated clamping force. in fact, the clamping force of Xiaomi super large die casting cluster can be as high as 9500t." Xiaomi Automobile also said, "Xiaomi Super large Die casting 9100t Die casting Machine is jointly developed by Xiaomi and Haitian. On the basis of the existing die casting machine technology in the industry, Xiaomi R & D team has carried out 11 patent design innovations. Most of them are invention patents, such as An I active optimization of injection parameters setting system and so on. But the die casting machine is only a link. Xiaomi has developed the whole die casting cluster system, including 60 equipment and 433 process parameters. "

The Xiaomi SU7, the first production car under Xiaomi Automobile, was unveiled on December 28th, 2023. According to the plan, Xiaomi SU7 will be launched in the first half of 2024, and from the product configuration announced by Xiaomi Technology Day, the positioning of Xiaomi SU7 is not low. First of all, as a "7" series product, Xiaomi SU7 positioning medium and large pure electric car, length, width and height are 4997/1963/1440mm, wheelbase 3000mm. Secondly, Xiaomi SU7 has been equipped with Xiaomi V6/V6s motor, which has been jointly developed with Liandian and Huichuan respectively, and the maximum speed of V6s and V6 motors has reached 21000rpm. In addition, such technologies include CTB core body integration, 101V battery pack based on Ningde era Kirin battery, 800V voltage platform (871V silicon carbide high voltage platform), 9000 ton integrated die casting machine, etc., these configurations add up to basically determine the price of Xiaomi SU7 will not be very low.

At the press conference, Lei Jun once again mentioned that Xiaomi car is the last time he gambled on all his wealth to start a business, and his determination and sincerity to build a car is self-evident. Since the release of Xiaomi SU7, Lei Jun has also become the "face" of Xiaomi cars, with his Weibo sending out several tweets related to Xiaomi cars every day to maintain the popularity of the market for Xiaomi cars. In the face of many competitors, the pricing of Xiaomi SU7, the first model of Xiaomi, plays a decisive role in how to win the first battle. So, how much will Xiaomi choose to buy at a price?

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