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The ideal car was asked to overtake!

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In the first week of 2024 (1.1-1.7), the brand sales volume of new energy vehicles was released! According to the latest list, BYD still ranked first in sales, with 44,400 vehicles, followed by Wuling and Wenjie, ideal cars fell out of the top five and Tesla ranked ninth. In the list, Volkswagen is the only foreign brand to enter the list, with sales of 3,800 vehicles in the latest week, ranking seventh.

In the first week of 2024, BYD sold 44,400 vehicles, among which the highest sales model was Seagull (6366 vehicles), Yuan PLUS DM-i and Qin PLUS DM-i were 5327 vehicles and 4908 vehicles respectively. In addition, the weekly sales volume of Song Pro DM-i, Dolphin and Yuan PLUS was more than 4000 vehicles, and the latest Song L was 1082 vehicles. In the MPV market, Tengshi D9 sold 1350 vehicles, although it was the highest-selling new energy MPV, but it was less than Buick GL8's 1551 vehicles.

In the latest weekly brand sales list of new forces, the ideal car was asked to surpass the world for the first time. The data shows that Inquiries topped the list of new force sales with 5,900 units, followed by ideal cars with 4,300 units. It is also the first time since 2023 that the ideal car has been asked to surpass the world. In terms of model breakdown, the weekly sales volume of M7 is 5487 vehicles, ranking second in the sales list of new energy models, second only to BYD Seagull, which accounts for more than 93% of the total sales volume of M7, while the other model is only 464 vehicles. Looking at the ideal car, the sales ranking of its three models fell sharply. The ideal L7 fell 8 places from the previous week to 18, with weekly sales of 1916 vehicles, while the ideal L8 fell 15 places to 30, with weekly sales of 1331 vehicles. As for the Ideal L9, it slipped 25 places to 39, with 1032 vehicles.

Asking the world is a strong opponent of the ideal car, which is also a fact that Li wants to admit publicly. He once said publicly that "in the third quarter of 2022, Asking the world M7's release and trading directly crippled the ideal ONE. We have never met such a strong opponent. "After the launch of the new M7, it is also chasing the ideal ONE replacement model-ideal L8. Compared with the ideal L8's" sofa, color TV and large refrigerator,"the new M7 also has super intelligent driving ability. Huawei Hongmeng's empowerment is a great weapon in the harvesting market of the new M7, and the market price of the new M7 is lower than that of the ideal L8, which is the huge competitive pressure source of the ideal L8.

If the ideal car wants to reach the world of hard steel and annual sales reach 800,000 units, it must rely on the ideal L6. For the ideal car, it needs to add a member in the mainstream consumer price segment of 200,000 - 300,000 yuan, and the ideal L6 at a lower price may be the key to the impact of higher sales volume of the ideal car. On the whole, the ideal L6 can be regarded as a reduced version of the ideal L7. It is expected that the core configuration will basically overlap with the L7. The "refrigerator sofa large color TV" is complete, and the high configuration will also have intelligent driving ability, and continue the tradition of "minimum option" of the ideal car family. In fact, the ideal L6 wants to grab the market with the M7, there is still some pressure, but with the reputation of the ideal car and the ultimate home tonality, there will be a large probability of sound volume, but also will become an ideal 2024 sales increase a key weapon.

In addition to the Ideal L6, the Ideal Car will release three pure tram models in 2024, of which the first pure electric MPV-MEGA will be officially released on March 1,2024. MEGA is an ideal milestone in entering the pure electric track, technically solving the problem of slow charging and short battery life. However, compared to pure electric cars, extended range hybrids are still the main sales force of ideal cars in 2024.

As for the boundary, it will not be "very idle" in 2024. It is reported that the company expects to sell 600,000 vehicles in 2024, and has communicated this target to upstream suppliers. The company will launch two new models, M5 and M8 (between M7 and M9), in 2024.

2024 has begun, all automobile enterprises have put forward more radical goals, the marketing rhythm of automobile enterprises will be accelerated, the promotion strength will also be increased, and the market competition pressure will be increased linearly.

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