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Brand new logo! Honda's new electric concept car released

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On January 9, US time, CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show officially opened, Honda officially launched two "Honda 0" series of pure electric concept cars, namely "SALOON" and "SPACE-HUB". The new car will be built with Honda's latest concept and will be equipped with Honda's new LOGO for the first time. It will be first launched in North America in 2026 and then launched in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. The Tramway report notes that Honda China has also released relevant product information, which may be expected to be introduced into the Chinese market.

According to Honda's official information, Honda has actively promoted various measures in all global product areas and corporate activities in order to achieve the goal of "carbon neutralization" by 2050. In the automotive sector, Honda will achieve its goal of 100% of global sales of pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles by 2040, and will actively promote the process of electrification. The name "Honda 0" implies that Honda Honda will return to the origin of car building and its determination to create from scratch. In addition, "0" is also the goal, indicating zero environmental load in the life cycle of the whole enterprise and the whole product; zero death in traffic accidents involving motorcycles and cars involving Honda.

The "SALOON" concept car will become the flagship model of the "Honda 0" series, will be produced on the exclusive platform of electric vehicles, and the mass production version will be the first to enter the North American market in 2026. From the overall appearance, the "SALOON" concept car is flat in shape, and the grille position is equipped with a large screen to add a sense of rituality. it is expected that the interactive function of lights will be realized in the future. The brand new LOGO is embedded in the center of the grille, surrounded by LED light source for embellishment. Of course, as a concept car, it shows more design elements and can not be fully applied to mass production models.

On the side of the body, the new car has very smooth roof lines, the overall shape is very similar to the overrun, the lower surround is equipped with aerodynamic design, and the rims are styled with low wind resistance. In the rear part, the upper part of the car adopts a design similar to that of the front, and is not equipped with a traditional rear windshield, while the lower part is equipped with exaggerated aerodynamic design. It is worth mentioning that the car also uses the gull wing door opening mode, which is very cool, but it is not known whether this design will be applied to the mass production car.

When we enter the car, we can also see Honda's vision of the future electric vehicle. The overall design of the car is very simple. The steering wheel will use linear control wheel steering. The car is not equipped with a dashboard. It is expected that the HUD head up display will be used. The center control screen and co-driver screen will be perfectly combined with the center console. At the same time, the new car also uses a sports seat with an integrated display screen on the back.

As for the "SPACE-HUB" concept car, it looks more like a MPV model, its overall appearance design is in line with the "SALOON" concept car, but focuses on creating a large internal space, but also has a panoramic canopy, and large-size windows also enhance the sense of penetration in the car. At present, Honda has not announced the planned time for mass production of the car. According to foreign media speculation, the mass production version of the "SPACE-HUB" concept car is expected to become the successor of the Odyssey.

Electric cars have become the key for major car brands to return to the market. With the continuous expansion of the new energy vehicle market, domestic automobile brands have gradually come to the fore in the new round of automobile industry competition and become an important force to promote the development of the new energy vehicle market. In addition, more and more overseas car companies are working with Chinese manufacturers to develop new energy vehicle technologies to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Through these ways, it is also expected to turn against the wind in the new round of competition in the automobile industry.

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