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From the end of 2027, the BMW Munich plant will no longer produce fuel cars.

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On January 10th, BMW Group officials announced that they would invest 650 million euros to renovate the plant in Munich, Germany, including four buildings, a new car assembly line with a logistics area and a new body workshop, which will produce pure electric models by the end of 2027 at the earliest. BMW Group said that the Neue Klasse pure electric model will be officially put into production from 2026, and the 75-year era of internal combustion engine cars at the Munich plant will end by the end of 2027, making the plant the first plant in BMW's global production network to successfully complete the electrified transformation from the end of 2027.

According to the official website, the Munich plant is the oldest factory of the BMW Group, which was founded in 1922 and mainly produces BMW 3-series cars and station wagons, as well as 4 -, 6 -, 8-and 12-cylinder gasoline engines and 8-cylinder diesel engines, as well as high-performance engines used in M-series models.

BMW's Munich plant is regarded as the "heart", which is a "model" of BMW's smooth transition to the era of electric cars. In 2015, the plant achieved co-production of plug-in hybrid 3 series and fuel version 3 series; in 2018, BMW announced that it would invest 200 million euros in the plant at its headquarters in Munich within four years to expand the production capacity of electric vehicles. At the same time, BMW will also set up a battery research and development center at the plant. The launch of the BMW i4 from the factory in 2021 means not only the launch of a pure offensive of BMW electric vehicles, but also the flexibility of the headquarters factory to produce all powertrain models, including gasoline, hybrid and pure electricity, on a single production line.

In November 2023, BMW stopped producing cars with internal combustion engines in Germany, and its last V8 internal combustion engine was put off at its Munich plant on November 10, 2023, marking the end of an era for BMW in Germany, which will be fully electrified in the future. After 2024, the Munich plant will no longer produce fuel engines, and demand for fuel engine capacity will be transferred to factories in Austria and the UK. However, the manufacturing of fuel-fueled vehicles at the Munich plant will not be cancelled, at least until 2027.

BMW's efforts in the electrification process can be seen as BMW announced that it would gradually stop producing fuel engines at its Munich plant and increase the production of electric vehicles. According to the plan, 2025 will be an important node of BMW Group's electrification strategy, when it will usher in a "new generation" product array; by the end of 2025, BMW Group plans to deliver 2 million pure electric vehicles worldwide. It is expected that by 2030, at least 50% of the group's global sales will come from pure electric models.

In 2023, BMW launched five pure electric models in China: BMW iX, BMW i4, BMW iX3, BMW i3 and BMW i7. Data show that BMW delivered a total of 824932 BMW and MINI vehicles in China in 2023, an increase of 4.2 per cent year-on-year. Among them, the BMW brand pure electric model sales performance is strong, the annual delivery of nearly 100000 vehicles, has become an important pillar of BMW's overall sales growth.

Next, BMW will further strengthen the offensive of electric products. The "new generation" product array will be ushered in in 2025. The "new generation" model will have a completely redesigned IT and software architecture, a new generation of high-performance electric drive systems and batteries, and a new concept of sustainability throughout the vehicle life cycle, especially giving priority to the use of recycled materials and promoting circular economy. By the end of 2025, BMW plans to deliver 2 million pure electric vehicles worldwide. It is expected that by 2030, at least 50% of the group's global sales will come from pure electric models.

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