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Ideal car terminal discount of more than 30,000 yuan!

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In November, ideal announced on Weibo that "the configuration of ideal L-series models will be updated, and 2024 models will be released in March and delivery will begin. At the same time, with the Spring Festival approaching, ideal Automobile will launch special offers for 2023 models."

According to the existing news in the terminal market, the ideal L7/L8/L9 offers discount activities throughout the department, and the price reduction ranges from 3.3 to 38000 yuan for different model versions. In addition, the ideal L7 and L8 Max models also give away 21-inch rims for free, which can be reduced by another 5000 yuan if they are not equipped. The ideal L9 is a gift of electric pedals, and if it is not configured, it can be reduced by another 5000 yuan.

All in all, the current 2023 ideal L series launched preferential activities before the Spring Festival, on the one hand, inventory clearance, 2024 L series will be released and delivered in March, which can avoid information gap among consumers and dissatisfaction after buying 2023 models. On the other hand, there is market sales pressure. The sales of ideal cars were surpassed by AITO in the first week of 2024, and the sales of L-series models declined significantly. Price reduction can make the market pay attention to ideal cars again. Unfortunately, the ideal car has not announced the specific discount amount, different versions of models have different discount rates, and the discount rates vary greatly among urban areas.

In response to this news, ideal Automobile responded to the media that the price reduction was to clear the inventory of 2023 models, and the inconsistent decline was due to the fact that the management rights of ideal cars were devolved to provincial retail heads, and specific benefits would be adjusted according to market conditions.

The past year has been a spectacular year for ideal cars, which rely on product updates and brand awareness to regain market dominance from questioners, with monthly sales exceeding 50, 000 and delivering a total of 376000 new cars for the whole year. If you wish to become the winner in the car built by the new power, but "people are red is not much", the ideal car is better than, then it means that "someone" is sad, after all, the "cake" is so big, the ideal car is divided into more than half. It is certain that "someone" is not satisfied, this person is asking the boundary.

QQ is the biggest rival of ideal car, which is a fact that Li wants to admit publicly, saying publicly that "in the third quarter of 2022, the release and trading of the M7 directly crippled the ideal ONE. We have never encountered such a strong opponent." After the release and listing of the new M7, it is also chasing the ideal L8 dozen. Compared with the ideal L8's sofa, color TV and big refrigerator, the M7 also has a strong intellectual driving ability. Huawei Hongmeng's ability to become a sharp weapon in the new M7 harvest market, and the market pricing of the M7 is lower than the ideal L8, which makes the ideal car feel pressure.

The question of Huawei's blessing also puts pressure on ideal cars. With the hot sales of the new M7, the New Power brand ranked first in weekly sales with sales of 5900 vehicles in the first week of 2024, while the weekly sales of ideal cars were basically more than 10,000 in December 2023.

It is understood that the M9 was released in December 2023 and is scheduled to be delivered on a large scale by the end of February. In addition, the M5 modification and the new car M8 are already on the way. Earlier, it was reported that the sales target for 2024 was 600000 vehicles.

The original plan for December 2023 release of pure electric flagship MPV ideal MEGA has been postponed to March 1 this year, ideal insiders said, this is on the one hand because the ideal intends to modify the seat configuration of MEGA, on the other hand, because let the M9 release first, MEGA can refer to pricing, has the advantage of backwardness. The ideal L6, originally scheduled for release in June, has also been advanced to April, with internally expected sales of 20,000 L6s per month. In fact, there is still some pressure on the ideal L6 to compete with the M7 for the market, but with the word-of-mouth of the ideal car and the extreme tone of the household, there is a good chance that it will have a lot of sound and will become a key weapon to increase sales in 2024.

It is reported that the sales target of the ideal car in 2024 is 800000, which directly exceeds the delivery level of Audi and Mercedes-Benz in the Chinese market in 2023. We have to admire the ambition of the ideal car, but 2024 is different from 2023. Whether the ideal car can come true or not needs to be seen step by step.

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