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Civic Type R is unsalable! The factory is full of stored cars.

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A few days ago, a number of auto bloggers revealed pictures that a domestic car factory is full of Civic Type R inventory cars, the appearance of the basic color matching is supersonic gray and champion white, in addition mixed with one or two rally red. It is rumored that due to the poor sales of the Civic TYPE R, the car has offered a discount of about 40, 000 in the end market, while a year ago, if you want to withdraw the Civic TYPE R, you will have to increase the price by at least 80, 000.

The new Civic TYPE R went on the market on December 20, 2022, the official guiding price is 420000 yuan, the new car is imported from Japan, and introduced by Dongfeng Honda to be responsible for sales and after-sale, the new Civic TYPE R code name FL5, like its previous generation FK8, uses a five-door, four-seater hatchback structure and is positioned as a top front steel gun.

In terms of appearance, the front face basically continues the new Civic design style, using a large number of honeycomb intake grille, the middle net is a diamond grid style, the left side is inlaid with the "TYPE R" logo, and in the middle is the classic red Honda LOGO design, which makes people's blood swell. In addition, the front lips of the new car are painted in black, the front is surrounded by a large area of air intake and cooling openings, and the engine cover is also equipped with vents, which is very combat.

On the side of the body, the new car is equipped with double five-spoke large-size rims and red multi-piston brake calipers, and the side skirt is equipped with a deflector to enhance the aerodynamic performance. In the rear part, the new car adopts the hatchback back-up cover design, the fixed large-size spoiler shows a very combat style, while the classic middle three-out exhaust layout is also retained.

In terms of interior decoration, the new car only reflects its special identity in some details, with a red LOGO in the center of the steering wheel and red seams in the steering wheel, door panels and armboxes, creating a fighting atmosphere in the car together with red bucket seats. There is a "TYPE R" logo at the center console on the side of the co-driver, reminding passengers that they do not know the goods, and there will also be a nameplate with an exclusive number for the Chinese market.

In terms of power, the new car still carries a 2.0T (K20C1) engine with a maximum power of 330hp and a maximum torque of 420Nm. The transmission system only provides a 6-speed manual transmission and is equipped with a front axle LSD limited slip differential.

The tenth generation Civic Type R is difficult to imitate and difficult to surpass, and the performance miracle of the pioneer beats German competitors who are several times more expensive on the track, but when electric cars begin to become the mainstream of the market and performance is no longer difficult to achieve, Civic Type R also seems to be in its twilight years.

When the eleventh generation Civic TYPE R was introduced into China, it still caused a great sensation, and the price of 420000 yuan was not surprised. after all, the previous generation of parallel imported models once reached more than 700000 yuan, but the price was much cheaper after it was introduced by Dongfeng Honda. However, in fact, most domestic consumers are not interested in performance cars, and the reason why TYPE R can have such a high popularity is mainly due to the popularity of the ordinary version of Civic. Many Civic models will be overhauled by buying Civic models, so that they are no different from Civic TYPE R in appearance. In fact, not many people really spend 400000 yuan to buy a 2.0T Red Mark Civic, and most of the people who buy it are interested in faith. But how much is faith worth today?

The high-performance hatchback compact car is a niche market in China. At present, the main models that can be bought in China are Mercedes-AMG A 35 (official guided price: 395100 yuan) and Elantra N (pre-sale 259800 yuan and 278800 yuan). Whether compared with AMG A 35 or Elantra N, Civic TYPE R is somewhat unsatisfactory. The former Mercedes-Benz halo is obvious, while the latter has obvious price advantage.

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