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I can't play! Tesla's appeal was rejected by the Swedish court.

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According to foreign media reports, Tesla's appeal against the dispute with the Swedish Post (PostNord) service has been rejected by the Court of Appeal. The Swedish court's ruling on Tesla means that the company will not be able to obtain a new electric license plate or provide the license plate to the car owner by mail, because the transportation department refused to deliver the license plate by other means, saying that Sweden Post (PostNord) must be used under the contract. This makes it difficult for customers to drive Tesla legally on the road. However, Tesla also found a way to bypass the union, requiring customers to order their own license plates, but the effectiveness of this method has not been verified.

It is understood that Sweden is Tesla's fifth largest market in Europe, and the trigger for the strike was Tesla's inability to reach an agreement with the Swedish trade union on signing a collective labor agreement. For the past five years, IF Metall has been trying to persuade Tesla to sign a collective labor agreement, but failed.

On October 27th, Tesla broke out a strike in Sweden, which was initiated by about 130 employees of Tesla's local maintenance shop. The industrial workers' union "IF Metall", which represents Tesla's mechanics, announced the strike, initially affecting only Tesla's seven local maintenance shops. It is understood that longshoremen, garbage collectors, electricians and postal workers all refuse to do any work related to Tesla, especially postal workers. Their protest infuriated Musk because the strike of postal workers made customers unable to receive new Tesla car delivery license plates. The country's regulations allow delivery only by mail, and Dockers and car dealers also joined the strike. Refused to ship and sell Tesla products.

Tesla does not have an automobile production plant in Sweden, but there are many maintenance workshops in various parts of the country, which are responsible for providing maintenance services to Tesla car owners, and most of these repair workshops belong to the Swedish trade union IF Metall. The Swedish trade union IF Metall hopes that Tesla Sweden can sign a collective labor agreement with it, but it was directly refused by Tesla and Musk, so the strike broke out. At present, Dockers, garbage collectors, electricians, and postal workers all refuse to do any work related to Tesla, and even key parts suppliers have begun to strike against Tesla. No matter what the consideration, the strike action will directly affect Tesla's sales and business activities in Sweden. However, there are still a considerable number of Tesla employees in Sweden who choose not to participate in the strike organized by IF Metall. They think that Tesla's work has good working conditions and decent pay, and there is no need to go on strike, but IF Metall believes that action must be taken, even if Tesla's employees disagree. In response to aggressive actions from local unions, Tesla has offered German factory workers a 4 per cent pay rise since November.

At present, Tesla is caught in a growing storm of strikes in northern Europe. In addition to Sweden, Tesla has also fallen into chaos in other markets, and the Danish Transport Workers' Union, the Norwegian Federation of Trade unions and the Finnish Transport Workers' Union have also promised not to transport Tesla cars.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) reached record labor agreements with GM, Ford and Stellantis NV at the end of October, six weeks after the auto workers' strike. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Tesla also raised wages for American workers. According to data, Tesla raised the minimum hourly wage for battery factory workers in Nevada from $20 to $22 per hour, and the maximum hourly wage from $30.65 to $34.50. At the same time, Tesla has also simplified the wage scale structure of the factory, for example, workers in several grades currently earning between $26.20 and $30.65 an hour will be raised to $34.50 an hour.

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