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Shenzhen Xiaopeng P5 fell from the second floor of the delivery center! Official response

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On November 18, a picture of a Xiaopeng P5 falling from the second floor of Xiaopeng car delivery Center went viral on the Internet. Judging from the exposed pictures, the accident Xiaopeng P5 fell upside down, the parts in the front position were also scattered to the ground, and the Xiaopeng car overcharge pile not far away was also broken. At the same time, the guardrail upstairs was also broken and fell due to the fall of the vehicle, hitting a recharged P7, and the windshield of the hit vehicle was smashed. It is understood that the accident occurred in the Shenzhen Guanlan delivery center building, the people in the accident vehicle have been rescued, no casualties.

FAW-Volkswagen officials at the store next door told the media that the accident occurred at about 2 p.m. on November 18, when the Xiaopeng car fell from the second floor and hit the charging facility downstairs. There were no casualties.

The owner of the Xiaopeng P7, who fell and hit the guardrail, also posted a message today, saying that at about 08:30 yesterday, he sent his car to the store for maintenance, and after maintenance to recharge the car, his mobile phone received an abnormal vibration warning message at about 1 pm that day. I can see a mess from the remote camera. After arriving at the scene, I saw that the car was full of broken glass. After negotiation with the store, the hit vehicle can be repaired free of charge. In response to this incident, the owner of the Xiaopeng P7 involved said, "my car will become an accident car after this experience, miserable."

What caused the vehicle to fall from the second floor? the staff of the local Guanlan police station responded that the cause of the accident was still under investigation and there were no casualties. Xiaopeng Automobile official responded to the incident that the accident began because a customer in Shenzhen rushed out of the parking area on the second floor after normal vehicle maintenance. There were no casualties in the accident, and the charging piles and charging vehicles below the accident area were damaged.

It is worth noting that there are many incidents in which car owners use the throttle as a brake in their daily life. On the 14th of this month, a test drive of the M5 suddenly accelerated while backing up, and the video of "riding" on the roof of the rear BYD caused a heated discussion on the Internet. It is understood that the accident was also due to the fact that the customer mistakenly stepped on the throttle when reversing the car, resulting in hitting the rear car. After the relevant personnel were sent to the hospital for examination, the accident vehicle has been towed back to the store.

On October 27, at a 4S store in Yiwu, Zhejiang, a man also made a mistake in front of the 4S store and used the throttle as a brake, causing the car to rush to the salesperson, sandwiching the salesperson between the two cars. Judging from the exposed video, the salesperson's facial expression was very uncomfortable, and then the salesperson was rushed to hospital.

Throttle when braking accidents occur frequently, many netizens may think that "throttle when braking" this is a very low-level mistake, they will not happen, but in fact, there are still many old drivers who have made such mistakes in life. Of course, the big reason for throttle braking is related to the driver's bad driving habits and the instinctive reaction of people to panic in the event of an accident.

Because if drivers encounter an emergency during driving, they will nervously and subconsciously straighten their legs, if their feet are not formed at complicated intersections, slow down in front of the car, and predict that there is no need for acceleration at present. The habit of putting your right foot on the brake pedal. But if you put your foot on the accelerator pedal for a long time, it is easy to step on the throttle pedal, which leads to the accident of using the throttle as a brake.

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