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Change the name of Huawei Smart car! The official website is officially online

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According to the Tramway report, the official website of Huawei Hongmeng Zhixing has been officially launched, and its members include Zhijie Automobile and Zhijie Automobile, in which the intersecting display model is the M9 and the intellectual display model is the Zhijie S7. It is understood that Wisdom and Wisdom are the two major car brands that Huawei and Cyrus, Huawei and Chery are deeply involved in R & D and manufacturing through the smart car business. Huawei announced at the launch of the new S7 car on November 9 that the smart car business will be renamed HIMA, Harmony Intelligent Mobility Alliance.

The M9 made its public debut at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17. The car is located as a medium and large SUV, and the new car has been pre-sold before. The extended-range version is expected to cost 50-600000 yuan, and the pure electric version is expected to cost 50-600000 yuan. It is expected to go on sale in December. At the auto show site, the M9 only shows the appearance, and does not disclose the interior design and power parameters. In terms of power, it will provide both pure electric and incremental options. According to the declaration information, the length, width and height of the boundary M9 are 5230/1999/1800mm, the wheelbase is 3110mm, and the medium and large SUV is located.

It is understood that Huawei's latest smart car full-stack technology solutions will all be on the M9, including HUAWEI x HUD AR-HUD, Huawei smart car light solution HUAWEI xPixel and HUAWEI xScene light field screen, as well as Huawei's latest HarmonyOS 4, and so on. Yu Chengdong said, "the M9 is not only the best SUV within 10 million, but also the most powerful SUV you can see on the road."

The Zhijie S7 was unveiled and went on pre-sale on November 9, with a pre-sale price range of RMB25.8-358000. It is the first car jointly built by Huawei and Chery, and is also Hongmeng Zhihang's first sedan. Position the pure electric medium and large coupe, and provide ordinary version and sports suite version for consumers to choose from. The car is built on Huawei's "Giant Whale" 800V high-voltage platform, with a maximum range of more than 800km under CLTC integrated operating conditions. It can last 200+km in 5 minutes and 400+km in 15 minutes. In terms of power, the front motor of the four-wheel drive version of the Zhijie S7 is 150kW, and the rear motor is 215kW, and its 0-100km/h acceleration time is 3.3 seconds.

Huawei has previously partnered with car companies in three modes: spare parts supply model, HI (solution model) and smart car selection model. Among these three modes, the spare parts supply mode mainly provides ICT (Information and Communication Technology) components, while the HI mode is upgraded to provide a full range of solutions for the intelligent part of the vehicle.

In contrast, the cooperation of smart car model is more in-depth, Huawei is not only deeply involved in product research and design, but also can make use of Huawei's channels for sales. At present, Huawei's smart car business partners include Cyrus and Chery, in which Cyrus and Huawei have launched three models: M5, M7 and M9, while Huawei and Chery have partnered with Zhijie, and the first model is S7.

In 2022, with the aura of "Huawei", AITO sold a total of 78100 vehicles. After entering 2023, the price war has indeed brought a lot of sales pressure to the AITO boundary, and its sales volume has not been announced for several months, so Yu Chengdong's sales expectation for the AITO boundary has also failed. On September 12, the new M7 was officially released and announced its selling price, ranging from 24.98 yuan to 329800 yuan, falling in the same price band as the M5 of the medium-sized SUV of the same brand, while rebounding sales with the help of the popularity of Huawei Mate60. In the past October, 12700 models were delivered, of which the new M7 delivered more than 10,000.

The industry believes that a unified brand alliance to sell products, but also more convenient for Huawei to train its own sales staff, fundamentally avoid internal friction of internal resources at the sales end. The establishment of the ecological alliance can also flexibly use internal resources to play its own combination of punches according to local conditions. Most importantly, as long as the word Hongmeng is mentioned, consumers will think of Huawei, which can further strengthen the blessing of Huawei's brand effect on models, making it easier for consumers to "buy the world of wisdom." is tantamount to buying Huawei.

Prior to this, Yu Chengdong revealed that in addition to asking the boundary and the intellectual world, there are two other "boundaries", which are brands built in cooperation with BAIC and Jianghuai, but the specific brand names are unknown at present. According to the State Trademark Office, Huawei has applied for trademarks such as Huijie, Huanjie, Lingjie, Haojie, Hejie, Xuanjie and Tengjie, which are likely to become names for Huawei to launch new brands in cooperation with other automobile companies.

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