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Tesla won the case of the female car owner, apologizing to the media.

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On November 20, Weibo @ "Corals in fresh Water", a female owner of Tesla's roof protection, posted that it had taken two and a half years, 31 months and 900 days since May 21, and finally received the @ GPLPCN letter of apology.

It is reported that the apology letter was posted on the self-media account of Rhino Finance, a subsidiary of "GPLPCN". The content of the apology letter shows that: on May 16, 2021, the company failed to fulfill its basic audit obligations and published "the end of Tesla's circle of friends of female car owners? "A penny. The subjective assumption of other people's negative information of the same name as Li Haishu, the act of fabricating false facts, there is obviously a derogatory expression of Zhang Yazhou (Tesla roof rights female car owner) and Li Haishu's personality. As soon as the article was published, it was reprinted on the Internet by many media, which triggered some netizens' negative comments on Zhang Yazhou and Li Haishu, resulting in a decline in the social evaluation of Zhang Yazhou and Li Haishu, infringing upon the reputation rights of Zhang Yazhou and Li Haishu, causing serious mental damage to them. The content of the above article has been found by the court to infringe upon the reputation rights of Zhang Yazhou and Li Haishu, and now his company apologizes to Zhang Yazhou and Li Haishu.

On April 19, 2021, the first day of the Media Day of the Shanghai Auto Show, there was an incident of defending the rights of car owners at the Tesla booth, and the video was widely circulated on social networks. The video shows a woman wearing a T-shirt with the words "brake failure" standing on the roof of a Tesla car at the Tesla booth, shouting: "the brakes failed," and was eventually taken away by security guards for excessive behavior. and was administratively detained for disturbing public order.

Since then, there have been frequent reports of brake failure of Tesla, and Zhang Yazhou, the rights-activist female car owner, has also received all kinds of criticism in the process. In August 2021, Zhang Yazhou's reputation dispute sued Beijing Rhino Assistant Culture Co., Ltd. the reason is that the company's associated self-media account published an article entitled "from the bottom of Tesla's moments of female car owners", "a lot of false information was fabricated in the article."

In May 2023, the people's Court of Beiguan District, Anyang City, Henan Province, made a judgment of first instance that the defendant Beijing Rhino Assistant Culture Co., Ltd. publicly apologized to the plaintiffs Zhang Yazhou and Li Mou within 10 days from the date of taking effect of the judgment, and published it on GPLP Rhino Finance website for 30 consecutive days. In addition, the defendant Beijing Rhino Assistant Culture Co., Ltd. is required to compensate the plaintiffs Zhang Yazhou and Li for mental damage of 20,000 yuan. The following month, Beijing Rhino Assistant Culture Co., Ltd. filed an appeal. In early September, Zhang Yazhou received the judgment of second instance, and the court upheld the original verdict.

As for the result that the judgment of the second instance upheld the original verdict, Zhang Yazhou said: "I believe that justice can only be achieved through hard work." the victory of this case has given me some confidence. "

As for whether Tesla has the problem of brake failure, there is still no new progress with Zhang Yazhou. On May 26, the two-year case in which the owner of Tesla's car roof sued Tesla for infringing his reputation and Tesla's invasion of his personal privacy was finally defeated. The court of first instance rejected the lawsuit of the owner, Ms. Zhang, and Tesla won the case. In this regard, Tesla told reporters in Nandu that the contents of the judgment shall prevail and will not respond to other questions. Prior to this, the two cases have been tried in public, but they have not yet been decided.

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