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Wei Brand CEO: the Great Wall will never use extended range

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Recently, the debate on add-on technology has begun again, and many bosses of automobile companies have made comments one after another. Among them, at the Guangzhou Auto Show, Wei Brand CEO Liu Yanzhao reiterated that Wei Brand will adhere to the world's leading hybrid structure and will never use extended range.

At the same time, Liu Yanzhao pointed out that "the extended range has a fixed deficiency in the scene of power feeding, slope climbing, high speed and so on." It will affect the experience of consumers, so Great Wall firmly rejects extended-range technology, which is the car-building concept of Wei Brand and Great Wall. In addition, Liu Yanzhao also revealed that the best feedback from the owners of Wei Alpine cars is the power system, and the DHT hybrid technology of Great Wall Motor, compared with the pure electricity and extended range products on the market now, is completely free of any so-called mileage, energy replenishment and performance anxiety.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Great Wall has said it will not consider using add-on technology. As early as last year, Li Ruifeng, former CEO of Great Wall Wei Brand, said that add-on electric cars are low-threshold and technologically out-of-date models. A few days ago, ideal car CEO Li Xiang, as the technical representative of add-on programs, said in a post on Weibo that car companies that adhere to multi-speed PHEV in the next year or two will switch to the technical route of add-on programs. In addition, it is also specially named that both the Great Wall system and Geely system will turn to the added program route. Li Xiang said that Chairman Li Shufu has always been a proponent of the extended ride, and British taxis are the best practice. Chairman Wei Jianjun will certainly agree with the extended range as long as he sees with his own eyes the actual proportion of pure electricity used by Lanshan battery hybrid users.

For Li Xiang's post, Wei Brand CEO Liu Yanzhao also responded on the same day that the multi-block hybrid scheme has an absolute advantage, not only because of the use cost, but also the best efficiency of the whole scene coverage. At the same time, Liu Yanzhao also pointed out from the technical point of view and user scenario analysis that the extended range series system is only one of the three major modes of hybrid DHT, compared with the conversion efficiency of internal combustion engine power generation and redrive, it is obvious that direct drive is more efficient. In terms of the user scenario, our users use the direct drive mode of the engine efficient range for 34.7% of the mileage during travel and driving.

It is understood that the types of hybrid electric vehicles at the present stage are mainly divided into two types, one is the PHEV model represented by Wei Brand, which not only retains the traditional automobile engine, transmission, transmission, oil circuit and fuel tank, but also has the battery, motor and control circuit of the pure electric vehicle, and the battery capacity is relatively large, with charging interface. The other is the incremental hybrid camp represented by ideal, Lantu and Mengjie. The car needs to drive the motor through the power battery to make the vehicle forward, and the engine only charges the power battery and does not provide power directly.

To put it simply, the biggest difference between add-on electric vehicles and pure electric and plug-in hybrid is the addition of parts and components. The working principle is to use the engine to generate electricity and the motor to drive the vehicle. When the power is sufficient, the vehicle can drive in pure electric mode, and when the power is insufficient, the engine will start and then drive the engine to charge the power battery. Strictly speaking, the plug-in electric vehicle is a variant of plug-in hybrid, the simplest understanding is that the car has two sets of power systems of motor and internal combustion engine, and the two sets of power systems drive vehicles in series and parallel. Series-parallel hybrid and other combination modes, add program is one of the relatively simple series mode.

There are different opinions on whether the add-on electric car is good or not. Tesla CEO Musk said earlier: hybrid cars are only a short stage of car development, and now is the time to give up hybrid cars. Feng Sihan, CEO of Volkswagen China, has said that add-on electric cars may not be as environmentally friendly as imagined, and from the point of view of the whole country and the earth, using the combustion of fossil fuels to generate electricity for the car power system is a "bad solution". But Li Xiang does not think so, he has said that looking back 5 years, add program is still the best solution for SUV, the ideal thing to do is to continue to improve the efficiency of the extension. In the long run, extended range is the best solution for SUV.

Yu Chengdong of Huawei has also joined the discussion of incremental technology, pointing out: "at present, the improvement and popularization of charging piles still take time, and the extended range mode is the most suitable new energy vehicle mode at present." It is also suggested that pure fuel vehicles should be phased out as soon as possible, and that gasoline power generation for extended-range vehicles is more fuel-efficient than fuel-fueled vehicles, which can save about half of the fuel and really improve energy efficiency.

Lantu Automobile CEO Lu Fang also said in an interview with the media earlier that the addition program will be the best transition plan for the next 5-10 years. The reason why Lantu Automobile chose to promote the technical route of pure electric and add program at the same time, mainly considering the user's car scene, after all, the current charging system is not so sound. If charging is convenient for consumers, you can choose pure electric models, and if long distances are needed, add programs are a better solution. Deng Chenghao, CEO of Changan Deep Blue Automobile, recently supported Li Xiang's remarks on add-on technology, saying: technology is not good or bad, user recognition is king, and Zengcheng is indeed a solution that can meet the diversified needs of users. at the current growth rate, competitors continue to join, there is no need for 2025, and the era of extended range is coming faster than we imagined.

No one knows how long the add-on technology can be developed, but as the charging facilities become more and more perfect, the charging speed becomes faster and faster, and the power battery technology has a breakthrough, perhaps at that time, the advantages of the add-on technology may not be so obvious to some extent. For add-on technology, the biggest advantage at present is its low cost, no need for complex gearboxes and no need for high-priced batteries. It's easier for car companies to get started. In terms of technology, the technical threshold required by the add-on structure is low, which can greatly reduce the vehicle R & D cycle and help automobile companies to launch new products quickly. Compared with the plug-in, its R & D cycle is long, the investment is large, and it requires years of technology accumulation, which is generally the choice of traditional car companies.

Generally speaking, no matter adding programs, pure electricity or PHEV are absolutely good or bad, it just depends on how each car company chooses a game that suits its own business development. At present, in the domestic medium and large SUV market, ideal car, as one of the new car-making companies, has indeed made some achievements. Figures show that ideal car sales in October were 40422, up 302.1 per cent from a year earlier. From January to October, the cumulative sales of ideal cars were 284647.

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