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The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology reported the problem of production consistency in ten car enterprises!

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According to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the first Department of equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a circular on the results of supervision and inspection of traditional cars in 2022 on November 22.

The content of the notice shows that during the inspection, it is found that there are production consistency problems in 10 models of a total of 10 enterprises. Among them, traditional passenger cars, involving a total of one model product of one enterprise, involving fuel consumption items that do not meet national standards; traditional trucks, involving five model products of five enterprises, involving side protective devices, parts marking and other items do not comply with national standards or management regulations Traditional special purpose vehicles, involving four models of products from four enterprises, involving braking systems, fenders and other projects do not meet national standards or management regulations.

It is understood that The products that do not meet the standards include the dump truck produced by Beijing Futian Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd., the K6 traction truck produced by Chengdu Wangpai Commercial vehicle Co., Ltd., the truck produced by Geely Sichuan Commercial vehicle Co., Ltd., the van truck produced by Chongqing Qingling Special purpose vehicle Co., Ltd., and the miserable dump truck produced by Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. The dump semi-trailer produced by Shandong Yuantong Special purpose vehicle Co., Ltd., the container transport semi-trailer produced by Ningbo Yizhou trailer Co., Ltd., the container transport semi-trailer produced by Puyang Longxin Special vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the flat plate transport semi-trailer produced by Hebei Zhuojun Automobile Co., Ltd. And the multi-purpose passenger vehicles produced by FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd.

Among them, the traditional passenger car involves a model product of one enterprise, and the project involving fuel consumption does not meet the national standards. The multi-purpose passenger vehicle produced by FAW Haima Automobile Co., Ltd. is the Haima 7X produced in 2022, which is described as: fuel consumption production consistency does not meet the requirements of GB/T 19233-2020 "Test method for fuel consumption of Light vehicles".

The 2023 seahorse 7X models currently on sale went on sale in March this year. Among them, the price of the 2023 seahorse 7X 1.5T is 129800 yuan, the maximum power of the engine is 121kW, the maximum torque is 240Nm, it is equipped with 6-block self-integrated gearbox, standard reversing image, constant speed cruise, automatic parking, panoramic skylight and so on. The price range of the 2023 seahorse 7X 1.6TGDI ranges from 143800 to 163800 yuan, with a maximum engine power of 143kW and a maximum torque of 293Nm. It is equipped with functions such as 360-degree panoramic image, remote start, electric rear door, vehicle OTA, voice recognition and so on. In addition, the 1.6TGDI automatic intelligent model also provides L2 level driving assistance.

In view of the models with production consistency problems found in the above inspection, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will deal with them in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Standardization Law of the people's Republic of China, the measures for the Administration of Road Motor vehicle production Enterprises and Product access and the Administration of Public notice. The competent department of industry and information technology at the provincial level where the enterprise is located shall supervise and urge the enterprise to identify the causes of product problems, formulate rectification measures and put them in place in accordance with the relevant requirements.

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