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Changan invested 300 billion yuan in Huawei BU? Both sides responded that they didn't know the truth.

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Huawei's smart car solution BU (hereinafter referred to as "car BU") will be spun off from Huawei's system on November 23, with an overall valuation of 250 billion yuan, with the largest shareholder being the Chongqing State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), according to China Finance and Economics. Chang'an is the only car company involved in the acquisition, with a 15 per cent stake in car BU and a 5 per cent stake in Armament Group. It is also reported that Changan Automobile will acquire a 30 per cent stake in BU for 300 billion yuan.

In response to the above news, both Changan Automobile and Huawei said they did not know. It is worth mentioning that today, the share price of Changan Motor once rose by the daily limit. As of November 23, Beijing time, Changan Automobile closed at 17.40 yuan, up 6.75%.

In August, the market reported that Huawei was interested in promoting the independent operation of the car BU and was in close contact with Chongqing SASAC on cooperation. Several people close to Huawei said that the scope of this independence is not limited to ADS, but includes most of the businesses owned by car BU, in a form similar to Glory Solo. In addition, the news also shows that the current car BU still belongs to Huawei consumer BG led by Yu Chengdong, and the independent car BU may become a new Tier 1 giant. After the split, Huawei will recover its R & D investment on the car BU for many years.

However, the news was later denied by Huawei officials. At that time, Huawei officials responded that the online rumors were not consistent with the facts, and Huawei did not discuss car BU-related issues with Chongqing State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

Car BU is the smart car solutions division established by Huawei in May 2019, which led Huawei to enter the car track. At present, Huawei has three business models in the automotive field: Tier1 (traditional parts supplier model, which supplies intelligent parts for automobile companies), HI mode (Huawei Inside mode) and smart selection model.

In the early days, BAIC, Chang'an and Guangzhou Automobile companies partnered with Huawei to adopt the HI model. Take Changan Automobile as an example, Changan Automobile and Huawei jointly established a joint innovation center in 2019. Subsequently, Changan Automobile joined Huawei and battery company Ningde Times to build Avita Technology. Huawei provides Avita Technology with high-level driving assistance, Hongmeng intelligent cockpit and so on. In August this year, Changan Deep Blue signed a cooperation framework agreement with Huawei BU. Deep Blue Automobile said that the two sides will focus on the field of automobile intelligence and jointly promote the research and development and application of new technologies in the field of intelligent electric vehicles.

However, whether it is BAIC polar fox or Avita, this model does not get good feedback on the sales side of the market. From January to October this year, Jihu delivered a total of 18163 vehicles, while Avita 11 sold only 17569, according to retail data from the Federation of passengers.

Among these three models, smart car selection is by far the most successful, that is, Huawei is deeply involved in key links such as research and development, pricing, marketing and so on. Up to now, there are four cooperative car companies in Huawei's smart car selection model, including Cyrus, which has launched cooperative models, and Chery, Jianghuai Automobile and BAIC Blue Valley, which are still under planning. Chery and Huawei Smart car's first pure electric sedan, Zhijie S7, will go on sale on the 28th of this month. In addition, the AITO M9 will be officially launched in December with a pre-sale price of 500000 to 600000 yuan. The car is equipped with a Hongmeng 4.0 cockpit, and Huawei ADS high-end self-driving assistance will also be better than the M5 model.

At the Guangzhou Auto Show, Yu Chengdong, Huawei Managing Director, Terminal BG CEO and Chairman of Smart car solution BU, further confirmed that in addition to the boundary and intelligence world, Jianghuai Automobile and BAIC Blue Valley will also launch smart car selection products.

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