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BYD's hot-selling cars fell by 15000? Official response

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"BYD is going to reduce its price," car blogger Sun Shaojun posted on Weibo on Nov. 23. Subsequently, media reported that a dealer in WeChat group released BYD terminal price reduction news, dynasty series of best-selling models up to 15000 yuan discount.

On the news of whether BYD has cut prices, BYD insiders said: there is indeed a time-limited preferential policy for the terminal, which is unified throughout the country until the end of November.

According to the statistics of Zhi Chedi, the comprehensive discount of Qin PLUS DM-i champion version is 10, 000 yuan, and the price range is reduced from 99800-145800 yuan to 89800-135800 yuan; Song Pro DM-i championship edition comprehensive discount is 8, 000 yuan, and the price range is reduced from 129800-159800 yuan to 128, 800-150, 800 yuan The comprehensive discount of Song PLUS DM-i champion edition is 10, 000 yuan, the price range is reduced from 159800-189800 yuan to 14.98-179800 yuan; the comprehensive discount of Han DM-i champion edition is 15000 yuan, and the price range is reduced from 189800-249800 yuan to 174, 800-234, 800 yuan The comprehensive discounts of Tang DM-i champion 112KM series and 200KM series are 15000 yuan and 10,000 yuan respectively, of which the price of Tang DM-i champion 112KM series is reduced from 209800-233800 yuan to 19.48-218800 yuan, and the price of Tang DM-i champion 200KM series is reduced from 249800 yuan to 239800 yuan Tang EV offers a comprehensive discount of 10, 000 yuan for all models, and the price range is reduced from 249800-342800 yuan to 239800-332800 yuan.

If the above news is true, this will be the second price cut by BYD this month.

On November 1, BYD launched the "millions of Ocean gratitude courtesy" promotion, and you can enjoy substantial discounts on BYD Ocean net-related models this month, including destroyer 07, frigate 05 champion version, dolphin, seal champion version, Song PLUS champion version, with discounts ranging from 0.5 yuan to 18000 yuan. Among them, frigate 07 can enjoy 2000 yuan to 20000 yuan, dolphins 2000 yuan to 9000 yuan, seal champion version 2000 yuan to 9000 yuan, Song PLUS champion version 2000 yuan to 7000 yuan, and destroyer 05 champion version 2000 yuan to 7000 yuan.

In addition, on the same day, BYD announced that Qin PLUS EV 2023 Champion Edition had launched a time-limited discount policy, with a cash discount of 10, 000 yuan for car purchases from November 1 to November 30, 2023. It is understood that the champion version of Qin PLUS EV 2023 went on sale in April with a price range of 129800-176800 yuan.

As for why BYD launched promotional activities? Or to hit the KPI of the year.

According to the plan, BYD has an annual sales target of 3 million vehicles. Official figures show that in the first 10 months of this year, BYD sold 2.3115 million vehicles, an increase of 70.36% over the same period last year, with a target completion rate of 79.38%, meaning that BYD needs to achieve its target of 618500 vehicles in the next two months, with an average monthly sales of 309300 vehicles. In other words, if BYD continues to grow at this rate in the next two months, it is expected to meet its annual sales target. It should be noted that November is the traditional off-season in the car market, BYD in this context of discounted sales of related models or in order to drive sales growth, so as to achieve the sales target of 3 million vehicles as much as possible.

In addition to price cuts, BYD also launched a number of new products to seize market share. At the 2023 Guangzhou Motor Show, BYD's new model, Haishi 07 EV, made its global debut. The new car, BYD's first medium-sized pure electric SUV, is based on the BYD e platform 3.0 and is expected to sell in the range of 200000-260000 yuan.

In addition, during the auto show, BYD's look up platform and easy Sifang concept car were also unveiled at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, along with the recently launched luxury version of look up U8 and the previously released look up U9 model. Among them, the price of U8 deluxe version is 1.098 million yuan, and it has been officially put into production in BYD's Xi'an factory. Officials say orders for the car have exceeded 30,000.

Industry insiders believe that BYD's preferential activities and the launch of a number of models will bring new growth to BYD, which is expected to sell more than 900000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year.

Towards the end of the year, impulse is a common practice for carmakers. SAIC Audi announced on its official Weibo today that its Audi Q5 e-tron can enjoy a comprehensive car purchase discount of up to 55000 yuan, although the official time limit for the comprehensive discount has not been announced.

The Audi Q5 e-tron currently on sale ranges from 298500 to 432500 yuan. According to the highest comprehensive discount range, the Audi Q5 e-tron price range after the comprehensive discount is 243500-377500 yuan. In other words, the price of the entry-level model is about 240000 yuan after the discount. Although SAIC Audi did not explain why the Audi Q5 e-tron can enjoy a comprehensive discount of up to 55000 yuan, it is not difficult to guess whether the discount is also aimed at boosting its sales.

In addition, today's car blogger Sun Shaojun also posted on Weibo: "as soon as BYD's price reduction is confirmed, all the independent brands of direct competitors will hold a meeting overnight to come up with plans. Ean decided to resume and increase the loan preferential policies cancelled before, including: 1. AION Y series, AION S Max model, added 3 years 100000 interest fixed loan program; 2. AION Y series discount ceiling 8000 position 3. AION S Max discount ceiling 9500. This policy is the same as BYD, which can be superimposed with previous preferential policies, but the customer base is just the opposite, mainly aimed at the ride-hailing market, which is more sensitive to down payment and monthly payment. However, as of press time, Eian officials have not officially announced the news.

Since the golden nine silver ten peak season, in order to sprint year-end sales, since November, including BYD, zero-running cars and Cyrus's blue electric E5 models have opened varying degrees of time-limited price cuts. With the end of the year approaching, there may be more car companies to introduce price cuts. However, Xiao Zheng, vice president and secretary general of the China Automobile Circulation Association, pointed out that as major manufacturers have launched the "100-meter sprint" before the end of the year, the field of automobile circulation has entered a deep adjustment, and the inventory of dealers is high, forcing them to exchange quantity with price. or at the cost of giving up benefits and profits.

As for whether BYD will introduce new preferential policies in December, insiders of BYD manufacturers said that it is not certain yet.

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