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Li Bin revealed the sub-brand plan: make whatever car sells well.

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A few days ago, Xilai held a "user face-to-face" activity in Chongqing. Xilai revealed a number of important information at the scene.

For the Weilai brand, Li Bin said that there are MPV models planned for the third-generation platform (NT3.0 platform), but not too soon. The NT3.0 platform will use a new electronic and electrical architecture, three electricity, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving technology, as well as 800V high voltage architecture, a new generation of electric drive, self-developed chips and other technologies. It is understood that it is not until the third quarter of this year that all models will be upgraded to the second generation platform (NT2.0), so if Weilai will launch the MPV model, and based on the third generation platform, the comprehensive Weilai brand will not launch new models in 2024, and the MPV model is not expected to be launched until 2025 at the earliest.

For the Alpine brand, Li Bin said, "do whatever car sells well, and do whatever car sells well." It is understood that the Alps is a sub-brand, the brand pricing range is between 200000 yuan and 300000 yuan, the first model is expected to be mass-produced in 2024, but not long ago, Qin Lihong, president of Weilai, revealed that it will release new models on 2023 NIO DAY. In view of the fact that there will be no new models on the market in the most recent year, the possibility of Alps brand release in advance cannot be ruled out. Li Bin has previously revealed that the new car brand will compete with Standard Tesla Model Y and Model 3, but the price is about 10 per cent cheaper than Tesla.

In addition to the Alps, Weilai plans to launch a third car brand, focusing on the 10-200000 yuan market, and the project code name is Firefly Project (internally known as FY). Its three major brands are regarded as the relationship between "Audi-Volkswagen-Skoda" within the Volkswagen Group, focusing on luxury, middle-and high-end, and middle-and low-end markets, respectively, but Li Bin did not disclose the authenticity of the brand at the scene.

In addition to brand planning, Li Bin also revealed that the gross margin of Weilai in the third quarter will be greatly improved. At present, Weilai is the only brand among the three enterprises of Wei Xiaoli that has not released its third-quarter results. In the first half of this year, the total revenue of Xilai was 19.448 billion yuan, down 3.74 percent from the same period last year, with a net loss of 10.926 billion yuan, an increase of 139.08 percent over the same period last year, the highest loss among the three enterprises. It is understood that Weilai has been in a state of loss since its inception, with a net loss of more than 70 billion yuan from 2018 to the first half of 2023, while ideal Automobile has made a profit.

At present, in the new forces, except for the ideal car, other enterprises are in a state of loss. Xiaopeng gets reverse blood transfusion from Volkswagen Group, and the ideal car achieves self-hematopoiesis, while the support of traditional manufacturers is behind the polar krypton and Lantu. In contrast, Weilai should also consider when to turn losses into profits, need to increase revenue and cut expenditure, and focus energy and funds on increasing sales, rather than continuing to make big efforts. On November 22, Changan and Weilaiguanxuan reached a cooperation agreement on power exchange business, under which the two sides will cooperate in four areas: unifying battery packs, jointly establishing power exchange system, jointly building battery asset management mechanism, and jointly developing power exchange model products. According to the agreement, the two sides will jointly promote the establishment of exchange battery standards. On the basis of a unified battery package standard, Changan Automobile will jointly develop interchangeable models with Lai Motor. The first interchangeable passenger car model of Changan Automobile, which shares battery packs with Lulai Motors, is scheduled to be launched in 2025. This means that the most invested projects in Ulai can finally be amortized.

From the point of view of the industry, if Changan's models want to use the electricity exchange system of Weilai after the cooperation between Weilai and Changan, it will bear part of the construction and operating costs of the replacement power station, which will also reduce the financial burden of Weilai. to provide assistance for long-term layout in the future. However, from the perspective of long-term development, what Weilai still needs to consider is how to sell the car well and when to make a profit.

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