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Cumulative sales of 1.1 million vehicles! Seven generations of domestic BMW 5-Series officially stopped production.

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On November 23, the last BMW 5 Series long-wheelbase model (G38) was rolled off the assembly line at BMW Brilliance Shenyang Dadong Factory, announcing the official end of the localization production of the seventh generation BMW 5 Series in China. According to previous news, BMW 5 Series standard wheelbase version (G30) was discontinued in June, plug-in hybrid version (G38 PHEV) was discontinued in September, and 5 Series long wheelbase version (G38) was discontinued in November. However, consumers can still buy the seventh-generation BMW 5 Series long-wheelbase version of the current car or in-transit car, but do not support the option until the inventory is sold out.

BMW 5 Series is a medium-and large-sized car owned by BMW. It was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1972 and has been updated to the eighth generation. In the Chinese market, BMW 5 Series has experienced three generations of E60, F18 and G38 since November 2003, establishing an unshakable position in luxury medium and large cars. G38 is the third generation BMW 5 Series, launched in June 2017, and launched in September 2020 mid-term modified model, power provides 2.0T high and low power engine for consumers to choose, plug-in hybrid model is equipped with plug-in hybrid system based on 2.0T engine, matched with 8-speed manual self-contained gearbox.

According to relevant data, BMW 5 Series has sold more than 10 million vehicles worldwide since its birth in 1972. According to officials, during the six-and-a-half years of production from May 2017 to November 2023, the BMW 5 Series long-wheelbase version (G38), as the seventh-generation Chinese localized production model, has become the choice of about 1.1 million Chinese customers.

The eighth-generation BMW 5-Series long-wheelbase model (G68), which has been unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show, will continue to produce the seventh-generation model. As a reference, the official guidance price of G385 series long-wheelbase models is 436,500 - 562,500 yuan. According to the pricing law of BMW general model replacement, the guidance price of new generation models may be close to it.

At the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, the eighth generation BMW 5 Series long wheelbase version (code G68) was officially unveiled. The brand-new BMW 5 Series long wheelbase version was put into production as early as January 2024 and will continue to be put into production at Brilliance BMW Shenyang Dadong Factory. As a replacement model, the brand-new BMW 5 Series has been adjusted for appearance and interior design, powered by fuel and hybrid versions, and launched an all-electric BMW i5 (code G60 BEV). As a reference, the guidance price of the current BMW 5 Series long wheelbase version is 43.65- 562,500 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the brand-new BMW 5 Series continues the design style of overseas models as a whole, not only retaining the slender posture of BMW 5 Series, but also not exaggerating the detail design like BMW 7 Series. Compared with the current model, the front grille size of the new BMW 5 Series is slightly larger, but not as exaggerated as the BMW 7 Series, and champagne gold elements are incorporated around the grille and in the front surround, which enhances the luxury feeling to some extent. Instead of the BMW 7 Series split headlight design, the new car is aimed at adopting a more simplified "double arrow"LED headlight set, making it more in line with the minimalist aesthetic trend of the current era.

On the side of the body, the new BMW 5 Series outline and profile are very simple, and there is no redundant design, the overall look is flat and stable. The new car uses the same built-in door handle as the BMW i4, which is no longer integrated with the shoulder line of the body. The corner angle of the C-pillar triangular window is more obvious. The window frame trim is expected to provide piano black or chrome plating style. The number "5" is added to the corner of the Huo. The BMW i5 will produce blue breathing light effect when charging. At the rear, the redesigned taillights are more recognizable and incorporate L-shaped chrome trim to highlight the luxury attributes of the vehicle.

In terms of interior, the new BMW 5 Series features a 12.3-inch +14.9-inch dual-screen design, which is also visible on the BMW 7 Series. At the same time, it is equipped with flat-bottom multi-function steering wheel, following the "Shy Tech" invisible technology principle, the number of physical buttons of the whole vehicle has been greatly reduced, and the center console is indeed simplified compared with the previous generation models. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with embracing interactive light band, hidden air conditioning outlet and light band design integrated into one, making the interior visual effect more simple.

It is worth mentioning that the new car will be equipped with a rear suspension giant screen, this luxury configuration from BMW 7 Series will become the exclusive option of the domestic long-wheelbase version of the 5 Series, the screen size up to 31 inches, resolution of 8K, and support real-time interconnection. In addition, the new car will be equipped with Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, four-zone automatic independent air conditioning (rear row with independent control panel) and other high-end configurations. Finally, the front seat back will also be equipped with the Chinese character "five" exclusive logo, further highlighting its special identity as a domestic model.

In terms of power, the new BMW 5 Series family will offer a wide range of powertrain options, including fuel and plug-in hybrid versions, of which the fuel version is expected to continue to carry a 2.0T engine +8-speed manual transmission, while the all-electric BMW i5 will be launched for the first time.

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