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The most expensive mini electric car! Kaiyi December customized version is sold at 999000

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A few days ago, Kaiyi Moon, a mini electric car owned by Kaiyi, officially launched two new models with a price of 5.39-69900 yuan. It is understood that the new car is a three-door and four-seat miniature pure electric vehicle, based on the i-EA pure electric platform, the maximum pure electric battery life 301km, and other power, battery life and five-door models will be launched in the future, and so on.

In terms of appearance, Kaiyi pick up the moon with a lovely milk fierce design style, the front grille uses a large-size trapezoidal shape, with black decorative strips to make the front face look more ferocious. The triangular LED headlights look sharp and run through the left and right sides of the LOGO. The side of the car body, it uses a suspended roof design, hidden door handle, a waistline runs through the entire body, C-pillar and Kai wing brand logo. In the rear part of the car, the Kai wing pickup uses a black taillight group, with a black decoration bar to form a penetrating light group effect, and the bottom of the rear bumper continues to use black decoration to increase the sense of hierarchy. In terms of size, the length, width and height are 3360/1700/1600mm, the wheelbase is 2160mm, and the positioning miniature electric vehicle.

In terms of interior decoration, the design style of Kaiyi Shiyue is also very simple, blue / pink interior and exterior color match, with embracing cockpit more at home atmosphere. Equipped with floating instrument / 10.25in central control screen, multi-function steering wheel, hidden air conditioning outlet, PTC air conditioner, front seat armrest, electric external rearview mirror adjustment, keyless entry / startup, remote control and other functions. At the same time, the new car retains the physical buttons of air conditioning, and the steering wheel function buttons of the new car are complete, including voice control and so on.

In terms of power, the new car adopts a front single motor layout, with a maximum power of 35 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 87 Nm, equipped with Guoxuan Hi-Tech Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, CLTC mileage 201km, does not support fast charging. The wind-chasing version of the motor has a maximum power of 40 kilowatts and a maximum torque of 110Nm, equipped with Ningde era lithium iron phosphate battery, CLTC mileage 301km, support for fast charging.

In addition to ordinary models, Kaiyi Shiyue also launched a GOLD DIY convertible collection model with a pre-sale price of 999000 yuan and a global limit of 99 vehicles, with a gold content of not less than 1.5kg. Users who order the car can participate in the production and customization of the car and enjoy a lifetime one-to-one exclusive service.

Many people are strangers to Kaiyi cars. According to the data, Yibin Kaiyi Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in January 2014, with a registered capital of 4.227 billion yuan and legal representative Pan Yanlong (now vice chairman of Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd.). The company was originally wholly owned by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., a sub-brand of Chery Automobile.

After the establishment of the Kaiyi brand, it launched the brand slogan "Smart + connected cars loved by young people". At that time, under the guidance of Chery Automobile, the new company completed the channel layout of nearly 200 dealers and 300 service outlets in just two years. However, similar to the outcome of Chery's early multi-brand strategy, the lack of product competitiveness of Kaiyi failed to bring better market performance, and once hovered on the edge of the market. As Chery launched internal optimization, reduce operating costs and other strategies, the final Kaiyi was forced to divest.

In December 2017, Sichuan Yibin Pushi Group Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Wuliangye Group, became the third largest shareholder in Yibin Kaiyi Automobile Co., Ltd. by subscribing 15.829033 million yuan to hold a 0.5% stake in Yibin Kaiyi Automobile Co., Ltd. According to public data, Yibin Pushi, with a registered capital of 150 million yuan, was established on August 20, 1998 and is a 100% holding subsidiary of Yibin Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. At the same time, Yibin Automobile Industry Development and Investment Co., Ltd., a local state-owned company, invested 1.588 billion yuan to hold a 50.5% stake in Kaiyi, while Chery's stake fell to 49%. At this point, "Wuhu Kaiyi car" officially changed its owner to "Yibin Kaiyi car".

It is understood that after the change of ownership of Kaiyi, the new shares of Oriental successively replaced the company's directors, supervisors, managers and other senior management personnel, and a group of Chery personnel, including Yin Tongyue, withdrew from the company's management. After the last batch of executives were replaced in November 2021, they were admitted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology the following month.

Returning to the new car, as a mini electric car, Kaiyi has many competitors, such as Hongguang MINIEV, Changan Lumin, Zero running T03 and Chery QQ Ice Cream, which are all strong competitors. The mileage of the four target models are similar, but in terms of brand awareness, Kaiyi is obviously inferior to the above-mentioned models, which also means it is difficult to seize the market with the above-mentioned models.

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