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Official announcement! Tesla hit 11 cars in a row.

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An entry about "Police report Tesla's 11-car collision" went on the popular search site of Weibo today. By the time of publication, the number of readings had reached 47.179 million.

It is understood that the incident occurred on the afternoon of November 25, near the ramp of Chengluo Avenue, Chengdu, near the Shiling Interchange.

From the videos and pictures exposed on the Internet, we can see that the location of the incident was at the crossroads, many vehicles were waiting for the red light, and a white Tesla Model Y rushed forward at a very fast speed from behind, hitting a lot of vehicles during the period, and many cars at the scene were seriously damaged. Some vehicles were hit by the wheel fell off, and the rear bumper was also hit to the ground, the scene was a mess, was hit by the vehicle parts scattered all over the floor. White Tesla was also badly damaged, the position of the hood of the front was almost damaged, and the whole wheel fell off. A person at the scene told the media that the car flew past him at the time of the accident and hit two patrol cars when he drove to the opposite traffic light.

In response to the accident, some netizens commented that after a brief look, it was really a little scary, and the speed was too fast. Another netizen commented: it is also a driver who does not have a list of pedal modes. At present, Tesla has not yet responded to the cause of the accident.

Yesterday, more than 8 pm, Chengdu Longquanyi public security issued a notice on the official account, saying: at about 15:00 on November 25, 2023, a traffic accident occurred on Chengluo Avenue. When a small car was driving in the direction of Xihe on the ramp of Chengluo Avenue Shiling Interchange, it collided with the vehicle in front of it at the intersection of Shiling subway station. Three people were slightly injured in the accident and all were treated in hospital. After receiving the alarm, the public security organs quickly carried out the disposal work, the driver has been controlled on the spot, and the accident is being further investigated and dealt with.

Whether or not netizens are talking about the pedal mode of the list or not, this has yet to be officially announced the specific cause of the accident. However, Tesla's single pedal model has always been controversial.

The single pedal mode does not mean that Tesla has only one pedal, but the biggest difference between the single pedal and the traditional car is that the throttle of the traditional car has only one function, stepping on the throttle is to start and accelerate, and the car will maintain inertia for some distance when it is loosened. And Tesla's single pedal mode is accelerated, once the loosening force will significantly slow down. Although under normal driving conditions, the single pedal mode is sufficient to complete most acceleration and deceleration operations, the driver still needs to use the brake pedal in case of emergency.

Why Tesla's "single pedal" mode is controversial may have something to do with drivers' past driving habits, because most drivers are very familiar with the driving mode of traditional fuel-fueled cars. However, in the first operation of Tesla's single pedal mode may be very rusty, prone to operational errors and accidents.

Although Tesla accidents occur frequently and will be seen in the news soon, according to the official investigation reports on a number of accidents, most of the accidents are caused by errors made by car owners.

This time, Chengdu this Tesla accident, there are many netizens pointed out that when the incident, found that the Tesla brake lights have been on, why not see the deceleration. In response, some bloggers responded online: when the high brake lights are on, no matter whether the driver operates or the active braking system is involved, the braking action has already been made. In this case, the car still rushes out a long way, which only means that the speed is too fast. If the driver keeps stepping on the accelerator, the AEB will not intervene and the high brake lights will not come on. If there are multiple collisions and the previous collision airbag has been unfolded, then the car will automatically emergency brake to avoid subsequent collisions, regardless of the speed. From this point of view, the main cause of the accident is that the speed is too fast.

Of course, what caused the accident has yet to be officially announced, and we will continue to pay attention to it in the future.

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