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Postpone payday and lay off thousands of people? Weilai legal Department: have called the police to lock down the suspect.

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On December 1, the Ministry of Justice of Weilai issued the latest announcement. The content shows that Xilai Automobile noticed that some malicious communication may involve suspicious persons or institutions to control and mobilize a large number of Golden V, Orange V, Blue V and ordinary Weibo accounts to post, forward and comment in a short time, trying to break through the algorithm mechanism of the platform and create negative hot searches for many times in a row, in order to control public opinion.

In this regard, Weilai has called the police and identified the suspect, and the case is currently under investigation.

In view of this behavior of disrupting the normal network communication order on key social media platforms, Weilai said that this behavior damaged its corporate image, infringed upon the legitimate rights and interests of the enterprise, and seriously affected the normal production and operation of the enterprise. cause the enterprise to suffer economic losses. And pointed out: "these water army actions also seriously damage the credibility of the platform, destroy the business environment of the platform, is a contempt and provocation to the platform."

According to the three pictures released by Xilai Automobile, the comments that appeared on the Internet were: "the adjustment of the payday of Xilai Automobile has been postponed by eight days, and thousands of people have been laid off."

Weilai said that a large number of false information about Weilai has been maliciously spread on the Internet, and many people have publicly clarified and apologized for spreading false information this week. The clarification shows that "the adjustment of the payday of Xilai Automobile has been postponed by eight days and thousands of layoffs" have been communicated by the staff of the company, which is not true.

The Weibo account of "Weilai legal Department" was opened on May 8 this year. The first Weibo post after its launch was: a number of organized and large-scale malicious attacks on Weilai and Weilai users, as well as a large number of negative comments on the Internet with the same content and the same theme. In view of the above situation, Weilai protects its legitimate rights and interests through litigation and other means.

In the latest announcement, Weilai stressed that Weilai always adheres to positive values and believes that any words and deeds should abide by the provisions of the law and basic public order and good customs. In the follow-up, the progress of relevant cases will continue to be announced, and will continue to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and legal dignity through legal means.

In fact, it has become the norm for car companies to set up "Ministry of Law" Weibo accounts, including Tesla, ideal Automobile, Xiaopeng Automobile, Ulay Motor, Zero Motor and other car companies have all set up "legal departments" one after another. Among them, Tesla is the first car company to open a legal department. Tesla's official Weibo account of the Ministry of Law was launched at the end of May, 2021, but so far, the "Tesla Ministry of Justice" account has been open for two years, but the page shows that no news has been released yet.

Auto Industry concern believes that the establishment of a "Ministry of Justice" Weibo account can protect the legitimate rights and interests of car companies on the one hand, and play a "deterrent" role on the other.

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