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The latest development of Xiaomi car building: three new cars in three years!

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AutoBeta( Report--

Xiaomi has made new progress in building cars.

"Automotive Industry concern" learned from the official website that Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. applied to register the "XIAOMI SU7" trademark, and the current trademark status is "waiting for substantive examination."

In addition, at present, Xiaomi's official website can be found online, but it is only registered on the website. the page has no specific information about the new car, and there is only one picture related to self-driving technology, which reads: "Xiaomi self-driving technology debuts for the first time and aims to enter the first camp of the industry in 2024."

According to media reports, Xiaomi's first car entered the fifth stage of production line verification (PT5) at the Yizhuang factory in Beijing last week, which will complete its target of loading 300 vehicles in December, a several-fold increase from November. However, the above report pointed out that this does not mean that the new car will be mass produced in December, and the production node will not be earlier than the first quarter of 2024 in order to supply terminal display needs.

As of press time, Xiaomi official did not respond to the above news.

In early September, a person close to Xiaomi revealed that Xiaomi is in trial production, producing about 50 sample cars a week, and if the sample meets the production line during the test, it will enter the stage of mass production. Prior to this, a person familiar with the matter pointed out that Xiaomi has decided to develop additional electric vehicles, "has planned the relevant extended range products, and is also looking for product breakthroughs for extended range vehicles."

According to the plan, the first model of Xiaomi will be off-line and mass production in 2024. On November 15, the first car of Xiaomi appeared in the 377 batch of "Road Motor vehicle Manufacturing Enterprises and products announcement" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The declaration chart shows that the first model of Xiaomi is an electric sedan with models of SU7 and SU7 Max. In terms of appearance, the overall design language of Xiaomi SU7 is very concise and dynamic, the body profile is similar to Porsche Taycan, using slip-back styling design, its direct use of Xiaomi car logo. In the rear part, the millet SU7 uses through-type taillight group modeling, the rear logo is "xiaomi" pinyin style, the lower left corner is the "Beijing Xiaomi" logo, and the lower right corner is the "SU7" logo, which also means that Beijing Automobile Group off-road vehicle Co., Ltd. has become the OEM of Xiaomi Automobile, the former is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and the actual control is Beijing SASAC.

Subsequently, the progress of laying out Xiaomi car sales channels was also exposed online. According to reports, according to the recruitment platform, Xiaomi has opened a number of auto sales-related positions in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places, including new energy vehicle sales director, Xiaomi automobile store manager and so on. Among them, the highest monthly salary is Xiaomi car retail operation, showing a monthly salary of 30,000-50,000 yuan, and 14.

Since Lei Jun announced the car-building, Xiaomi car-building has been the focus of the automobile industry. According to the latest report, Xiaomi has planned three cars, which will be released one after another within three years. It is understood that two of the three models will be pure electric models, the internal code is "Modena", "Le Mans", the other will be a hybrid model, the internal code name is "Kunlun". The industry speculates that the model codenamed "Kunlun" may be equipped with an extended range system. However, this is only speculation, and whether this is the case in the end will not be confirmed until further official announcement. As for the first model, the new car will go on sale in the first half of next year and is expected to sell for less than 300000 yuan.

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